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Journal Article 2011 Cai, Xiaoyun Human migration through bottlenecks from Southeast Asia into East Asia during last glacial maximum revealed by Y chromosomes Plos One [Cai, 2011 #37246]
Journal Article 2023 Woravatin, Wipada South Asian maternal and paternal lineages in southern Thailand and the role of sex-biased admixture Plos One [Woravatin, 2023 #37232]
Journal Article 2022 Changmai, Piya Ancient DNA from Protohistoric Period Cambodia indicates that South Asians admixed with local populations as early as 1st- 3rd centuries C. E. Scientific Reports [Changmai, 2022 #37199]
Journal Article 2021 Larena, Maximilian Multiple migrations to the Philippines during the last 50,000 years PNAS [Larena, 2021 #37134]
Journal Article 2021 Carlhoff, Selina Genome of a middle Holocene hunter-gatherer from Wallacea Nature [Carlhoff, 2021 #37106]
Journal Article 2021 Wang, Tianyi Human population history at the crossroads of East and Southeast Asia since 11,000 years ago Cell [Wang, 2021 #37094]
Journal Article July 2022 Zhang, Xiaoming A Late Pleistocene human genome from Southwest China Current Biology [Zhang, July 2022 #37063]
Book Section 2022 Soares, Pedro The archaeogenetics of Southeast Asia The Oxford Handbook of Early Southeast Asia [Soares, 2022 #37016]
Journal Article 2022 Zhang, Xiaoming A Late Pleistocene human genome from Southwest China Current Biology [Zhang, 2022 #36995]
Journal Article 2021 Kutanan, Wibhu Reconstructing the Human Genetic History of Mainland Southeast Asia: Insights from Genome-Wide Data from Thailand and Laos Molecular Biology and Evolution [Kutanan, 2021 #36973]
Journal Article 2020 Zhang, Xiaoming A matrilineal genetic perspective of Hanging Coffin custom in southern China and northern Thailand iScience [Zhang, 2020 #19614]
Journal Article 2019 Teixeira, João C. Using hominin introgression to trace modern human dispersals PNAS [Teixeira, 2019 #18942]
Journal Article 2018 Gosling, Anne L. The evolutionary history and human settlement of Australia and the Pacific Current Opinion in Genetics & Development [Gosling, 2018 #26622]
Journal Article 2018 Hashom Mohd Hakim A new analysis of population history in Sabah and Sarawak Global Journal of Business and Social Science Review [Hashom 2018 #26658]
Journal Article 2018 Greig, K. Complex history of dog (<i>Canis familiaris</i>) origins and translocations in the Pacific revealed by ancient mitogenomes Scientific Reports [Greig, 2018 #26729]
Journal Article 2013 Wangkumhang, Pongsakorn Insight into the peopling of mainland southeast Asia from Thai population genetic structure Public Library of Science: One [Wangkumhang, 2013 #26946]
Journal Article 2016 Madsen, David B. Conceptualizing the Tibetan Plateau: environmental constraints on the peopling of the "Third Pole" Archaeological Research in Asia [Madsen, 2016 #27017]
Journal Article 2016 Rhode, David A biogeographical perspective on early human colonization on the Tibetan Plateau Archaeological Research in Asia [Rhode, 2016 #27016]
Journal Article 2016 Mörseburg, Alexander Multi-layered population structure in Island Southeast Asians European Journal of Human Genetics [Mörseburg, 2016 #27038]
Book Section 2017 Matsumura, Hirofumi Mid-holocene hunter-gatherers 'Gaomiao' in Hunan, China: the first of the two-layer model in the population history of East/Southeast Asia New Perspectives in Southeast Asian and Pacific Prehistory [Matsumura, 2017 #22329]
Journal Article 2017 Ken-ichi Shinoda, Ancient DNA of palaeolithic Ryuku islanders Terra Australis [Ken-ichi 2017 #27384]
Journal Article 2016 Reyes-Centeno, Hugo Out of Africa and into Asia: fossil and genetic evidence on modern human origins and dispersals Quaternary International [Reyes-Centeno, 2016 #27610]
Journal Article 2016 Brandão, Andreia Quantifying the legacy of the Chinese neolithic on the maternal genetic heritage of Taiwan and island Southeast Asia Human Genetics [Brandão, 2016 #27640]
Journal Article 2014 Lipson, M. Reconstructing Austronesian population history in island Southeast Asia Nature Communications [Lipson, 2014 #27717]
Journal Article 2016 Soares, Pedro A. Resolving the ancestry of Austronesian-speaking populations Human Genetics [Soares, 2016 #27739]
Journal Article 2011 Reich, D. Denisova admixture and the first modern human dispersals into Southeast Asia and Oceania American Journal of Human Genetics [Reich, 2011 #27773]
Journal Article 2006 Mellars, P. Going east: new genetic and archaeological perspectives on the modern human colonization of Eurasia Science [Mellars, 2006 #27793]
Journal Article 2016 Castillo, Cristina Cobo Archaeogenetic study of prehistoric rice remains from Thailand and India: evidence of early <i>japonica</i> in South and Southeast Asia Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences [Castillo, 2016 #27922]
Book Section 2015 Parth R. Chauhan, Genes, stone tools, and modern human dispersals in the center of the Old World Emergence and diversity of modern human behavior in paleolithic Asia [Parth 2015 #22546]
Journal Article 2015 Yu-Chun Li, Ancient inland human dispersals from Myanmar into interior East Asia since the late Pleistocene Scientific Reports [Yu-Chun 2015 #27932]