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Basic Search

Allows you to search the database by a single word or combination of words. This function will search all data fields that have your chosen word or phrase. For example, if you enter "white" it will find all the references written by White as well as any entries that have the word "white" in any other data field. Basic Search is most useful for broad general searches, (e.g., "agriculture,") or for very specific searches like a particular archaeological site (e.g., Phu Lon).

Advanced Search

Lets you do refined searches by specifying one or more data fields, such as author, title, source (journal or edited book title), and year of publication. For example, you can find all records that are published  by "Smith" in the year 2010. To find records with publication dates after 2000, enter only '2' or "20" in the date field; to find publications from the 1990s, enter '199'.


Your Lists

You can add any citation to your own private collection of references, called Lists. This marked collection is permanently available and private. You can create numerous Lists for various purposes. For example, you can collect a list of pertinent references for an upcoming publication.

If your results are from using Advanced Search, you can add the citation quickly by clicking on the Select List button at the beginning of the citation. You also can open the citation and go to the bottom of the page, as with the Basic Search results. You can click on the Add to List button to call up the list you choose. To see what Lists exist without adding the item, click the on hte Select List button. This will show the names of any other Lists of yours and give you the chance to create a new List. If you want to add the reference to your already-existing List, click on the List name. If you want to create a new List, click the link and create a name, and if desired, a description. 

To see your entire List or collection of Lists,  click on the My Lists tab, top right. Choose your List to open it.

Exporting List records

The best option at this time is to format the List contents into the citation style you prefer and then copy and paste the references into the bibliography of your paper.

An additional option would be to export the List records in csv format into Excel.



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