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Editing Lists

To edit your List, click the 'edit' button underneath the List name.

While you are in Edit List mode, you can delete items, add items, and add annotations to the individual items. You can also add a description o f the purpose of the List, such as "Dissertation Literature Review."

To add notes to an individual item (for example, “This article argues against Smith’s theory.”, enter your note in the Notes field next to the items. These notes will appear when you click on the List Name to see all the items in your List.

An item can be added to the List while in the Edit List page. Click on the Add Item button and you will see a list of titles and at the top right, “1 of 1751” (or some other, even larger number). The form is showing you a 10-item list of all the entries in the database; the 1751 is the number of 10-item pages in the database, i.e., currently there are 17,510 citations in the database. To see the next page, click on the button to the right of the 1751. If you click on the Show Search Form tab, you will see a smaller version of the main search form. You can search for new citations there.

Be sure to save your marked collection. You may return to edit your collection at any time.

You may export this collection as a spreadsheet by clicking Download.