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Ref ID: 28423
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Ishii, Takashige
Hiraoka, Takashi
Kanzaki, Tomoyuki
Akimoto, Masahiro
Shishido, Rieko
Ishikawa, Ryo
Title: Evaluation of genetic variation among wild populations and local varieties of rice
Date: 2011
Source: Rice
DOI: 10.1007/s12284-011-9067-x
Abstract: Cultivated rice (<i>Oryza sativa</i> L.) is derived from Asian wild rice (<i>Oryza rufipogon</i> Griff). Vietnamese local varieties and wild natural populations in Vietnam and Myanmar were examined to evaluate the levels of genetic variation in cultivated and wild rice. In total, 222 Vietnamese local varieties were analyzed with ten microsatellite markers. Using marker genotype and gene diversity data, the local varieties were differentiated based on geographical distribution, cropping season, and human preference. A total of 976 wild plants were collected at six natural sites of wild populations (three each in Myanmar and Vietnam), and the degrees of variation among populations were analyzed with five microsatellite markers. Phylogenetic analyses revealed wide genetic differentiation among wild populations. The diversity values detected in a single wild population in Vietnam were higher than those in whole Vietnamese local varieties. These results indicate that wild rice has much greater genetic variation than cultivated rice.
Date Created: 2/1/2012
Volume: 4
Page Start: 170
Page End: 177