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Journal Article 2011 Wang, Hua-Wei Mitochondrial DNA evidence supports northeast Indian origin of the aboriginal Andamanese in the Late Paleolithic Journal of Genetic and Genomic [Wang, 2011 #37249]
Journal Article 2011 Cai, Xiaoyun Human migration through bottlenecks from Southeast Asia into East Asia during last glacial maximum revealed by Y chromosomes Plos One [Cai, 2011 #37246]
Journal Article 2011 Fuller, Dorian Q. The early rice project: from domestication to global warming Archaeology International [Fuller, 2011 #36865]
Journal Article 2011 Khunsong, Saritpong Excavation of a Pre-Pre-Dvāravatī site at Hor-Ek in ancient Nakhon Pathom Journal of the Siam Society [Khunsong, 2011 #36674]
Book 2011 Santasombat, Yos The River of Life: Changing Ecosystems of the Mekong Region [Santasombat, 2011 #19721]
Book 2011 Praicharnjit, Sayan Archaeology of Ceramics in Lãn Nã, Northern Siam [Praicharnjit, 2011 #19726]
Journal Article 2011 Kaifu, Yousuke Craniofacial morphology of <i>Homo floresiensis:</i> description, taxonomic affinities, and evolutionary implication Journal of Human Evolution [Kaifu, 2011 #26650]
Book Section 2011 Bellwood, Peter Taiwan jade in the Philippines: 3000 years of trade and long-distance interaction Paths of Origins: Austronesia in the Collections of the National Museum of the Philippines [Bellwood, 2011 #22316]
Book Section in a Series 2011 Saitowitz, S. J. Physical and chemical analysis of glass beads and glassy slag from Iron Age sites in northeast Thailand: preliminary findings Australasian Connections and New Directions: Proceedings of the 7th Australasian Archaeometry Conference [Saitowitz, 2011 #25343]
Journal Article 2011 O'Connor, Sue Pelagic fishing at 42,000 years before the present and the maritime skills of modern humans Science [O'Connor, 2011 #27476]
Journal Article 2011 Lippi, Marta Mariotti Rice chaff in ceramics from the archaeological site of Sumhuram (Dhofar, southern Oman) Journal of Archaeological Science [Lippi, 2011 #27625]
Book Section 2011 Barton, H. Prehistoric vegeculture and social life in island Southeast Asia and Melanesia Anthropological and archaeological approaches to foraging-farming transitions in southeast Asia [Barton, 2011 #22354]
Book Section 2011 Belharte, S. The ecological view: management of woody perennials and the transition to vegeculture in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Why cultivate? Anthropological and archaeological approaches to foraging farming transitions in Southeast Asia [Belharte, 2011 #22353]
Journal Article 2011 Silverman, Helaine Border wars: the ongoing temple dispute between Thailand and Cambodia and UNESCO's World Heritage List International Journal of Heritage Studies [Silverman, 2011 #27645]
Journal Article 2011 Tilley, L. Survival against the odds: modelling the social implications of care provision to seriously disabled individuals International Journal of Paleopathology [Tilley, 2011 #27673]
Book Section 2011 Oxenham, M. F. Palaeohealth at Man Bac Man Bac: the excavation of a neolithic site in northern Vietnam [Oxenham, 2011 #22366]
Book Section 2011 Barker, G. Transitions to farming in island Southeast Asia: archaeological, biomolecular, and palaeoecological perspectives Why cultivate? Anthropological and archaeological approachesto foraging-farming transitions in Southeast Asia? [Barker, 2011 #22374]
Book 2011 Oxenham, M. F. Man Bac: the excavation of a neolithic site in northern Vietnam. The biology. [Oxenham, 2011 #19801]
Journal Article 2011 Domett, K. M. Cultural modification of the dentition in prehistoric Cambodia International Journal of Osteoarchaeology [Domett, 2011 #27730]
Journal Article 2011 Bedford, S. Lapita burials, a new Lapita cemetery and post-Lapita burials from Malakula, Northern Vanuatu, Southwest Pacific Journal of Pacific Archaeology [Bedford, 2011 #27727]
Journal Article 2011 Adachi, Noboru Mitochondrial DNA analysis of Hokkaido Jomon skeletons: remnants of archaic maternal lineages at the southwestern edge of former Beringia American Journal of Physical Anthropology [Adachi, 2011 #27724]
Journal Article 2011 Naizatul Akma Mokhtar, The ancient iron smelting in Sg. Batu, Bujang Valley, Kedah Postgraduate Student Forum: Current Asian Anthropology [Naizatul 2011 #27738]
Journal Article 2011 Smith, Tanya M. Dental tissue proportions in fossil orangutans from mainland Asia and Indonesia Human Origins Research [Smith, 2011 #27755]
Book Section 2011 Ridd, Michael F. Introduction to the geology of Thailand The geology of Thailand [Ridd, 2011 #22423]
Book Section 2011 Searle, M. P. Tectonic and thermal evolution of Thailand The geology of Thailand [Searle, 2011 #22422]
Book Section 2011 Alt, Susan M. Histories of mound building Ideologies in archaeology [Alt, 2011 #22434]
Book Section 2011 Booth, John Subsurface carboniferous-cretaceous geology of northeast Thailand The geology of Thailand [Booth, 2011 #22433]
Book Section 2011 Crow, M. J. Metalliferous minerals The geology of Thailand [Crow, 2011 #22431]
Journal Article 2011 Reich, D. Denisova admixture and the first modern human dispersals into Southeast Asia and Oceania American Journal of Human Genetics [Reich, 2011 #27773]
Journal Article 2011 Shackelford, Laura L. The place of Tam Hang in Southeast Asian human evolution Comptes Rendus Palevol [Shackelford, 2011 #27809]