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Ref ID: 27625
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Lippi, Marta Mariotti
Gonnelli, Tiziana
Pallecchi, Pasquino
Title: Rice chaff in ceramics from the archaeological site of Sumhuram (Dhofar, southern Oman)
Date: 2011
Source: Journal of Archaeological Science
Abstract: The identification of the chaff used as temper in ancient ceramics represents a possible source of information about the area of origin of the pottery. This paper studies the occurrence of rice (<i>Oryza sp.</i>) chaff in potsherds from the archaeological site of Sumhuram (Dhofar, Sultanate of Oman). The information gathered at the site offers insight into commerce routes and networks to which the town belonged in the first centuries AD. The analysis of the plant material in the pottery and potsherds can also furnish interesting data on the ancient technologies of pottery production.
Date Created: 9/7/2016
Volume: 38
Page Start: 1173
Page End: 1179