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Journal Article 2016 Li, HaiMing Prehistoric agriculture development in the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, southwest China: Archaeobotanical evidence Science China Earth Sciences [Li, 2016 #37320]
Journal Article 2021 Higham, Charles F. W. The later prehistory of Southeast Asia and southern China: the impact of exchange, farming and metallurgy Asian Archaeology [Higham, 2021 #37319]
Journal Article 2021 Guo, Jianxin Genomic insights into Neolithic farming-related migrations in the junction of East and Southeast Asia American Journal of Biological Anthropology [Guo, 2021 #37318]
Book Section 1976 Chang, T. T. Genetic variousness in the climatic adaptation of rice cultivars Climate and Rice: Proceedings of the Symposium [Chang, 1976 #37182]
Journal Article 2022 Higham, Charles Khok Phanom Di: new radiocarbon dates and their implications Journal of Indo-Pacific Archaeology [Higham, 2022 #37165]
Journal Article 2021 Alam, Ornob Genome analysis traces regional dispersal of rice in Taiwan and Southeast Asia Molecular Biology and Evolution [Alam, 2021 #37117]
Journal Article 2022 Findley, David Max Land Use Change in a Pericolonial Society: Intensification and Diversification in Ifugao, Philippines Between 1570 and 1800 CE Frontiers in Earth Science [Findley, 2022 #37075]
Journal Article July 2022 Deng, Zhenhua Early Austronesians cultivated rice and millet together: tracing Taiwan’s first Neolithic crops Frontiers in Plant Science [Deng, July 2022 #37059]
Book Section 2022 Rispoli, Fiorella The expansion of rice and millet farmers into Southeast Asia The Oxford Handbook of Early Southeast Asia [Rispoli, 2022 #37027]
Journal Article 2022 Peters, Joris The biocultural origins and dispersal of domestic chickens Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences [Peters, 2022 #37000]
Journal Article 2020 Fuller, Dorian Q. Transitions in productivity: rice intensification from domestication to urbanisation Archaeology International [Fuller, 2020 #36923]
Book 1994 Bray, Francesca The rice economies: technology and development in Asian societies [Bray, 1994 #36866]
Journal Article 2013 Guedes, Jade d'Alpoim Site of Baodun yields earliest evidence for the spread of rice and foxtail millet agriculture to south-west China Antiquity [Guedes, 2013 #36846]
Journal Article 2020 Ma, Ting Holocene coastal evolution preceded the expansion of paddy field rice farming PNAS [Ma, 2020 #36842]
Journal Article 2018 Castillo, Cristina C. Social responses to climate change in Iron Age north-east Thailand: new archaeobotanical evidence Antiquity [Castillo, 2018 #36829]
Journal Article 2020 Leipe, Christian The spread of rice to Japan: insights from Bayesian analysis of direct radiocarbon dates and population dynamics in East Asia Quaternary Science Reviews [Leipe, 2020 #36811]
Journal Article 1981 Dessaint, William Y. The T'in (Mal), dry rice cultivators of northern Thailand and northern Laos Journal of the Siam Society [Dessaint, 1981 #36796]
Journal Article 2020 Guedes, Jade d'Alpoim Three thousand years of farming strategies in central Thailand Antiquity [Guedes, 2020 #36763]
Journal Article 1988 Olson, Grant A. An aesthetics of rice Journal of the Siam Society [Olson, 1988 #36722]
Journal Article 1990 Formoso, Bernard From the human body to the humanized space: the system of reference and representation of space in two villages of northeast Thailand Journal of the Siam Society [Formoso, 1990 #36710]
Journal Article 2003 Penth, Hans On rice and rice fields in old Lān Nā: text, translations, interpretations Journal of the Siam Society [Penth, 2003 #36680]
Journal Article 2020 Deng, Zhenhua Validating earliest rice farming in the Indonesian Archipelago Scientific Reports [Deng, 2020 #36676]
Journal Article 2020 Gutaker, Rafal M. Genomic history and ecology of the geographic spread of rice Nature Plants [Gutaker, 2020 #36651]
Book Section in a Series 2019 Qin, Ling Why rice farmers don't sail: coastal subsistence traditions and maritime trends in early China Prehistoric Maritime Cultures and Seafaring in East Asia [Qin, 2019 #19016]
Journal Article 2019 Setyaningsih, Christina A. First palaeoecological evidence of buffalo husbandry and rice cultivation in the Kerinci Seblat National Park in Sumatra, Indonesia Vegetation History and Archaeobotany [Setyaningsih, 2019 #18963]
Journal Article 2019 d'Alpoim Guedes, Jade The wet and the dry, the wild and the cultivated: subsistence and risk management in ancient Central Thailand Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences [d'Alpoim 2019 #26672]
Journal Article 2018 Acabado, Stephen Status differentiation, agricultural intensification, and pottery production in precapitalist Kiyyangan, Ifugao, Philippines Archaeological Research in Asia [Acabado, 2018 #26695]
Book Section in a Series 2018 Bulbeck, David Imported tradeware ceramics and their relevance for dating socio-political developments in South Sulawesi, with special reference to the Allangkanangnge ri Latanete site The Archaeology of Sulawesi [Bulbeck, 2018 #25315]
Journal Article 2018 Castillo, Cristina Cobo Preservation bias: is rice overrepresented in the archaeological record? Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences [Castillo, 2018 #26704]
Journal Article 2018 Horrocks, Mark Plant microfossil results from Old Kiyyangan Village: looking for the introduction and expansion of wet-field rice (<i>Oryza sativa</i>) cultivation in the Ifugao Rice Terraces, Philippine Cordilleras Asian Perspectives [Horrocks, 2018 #26722]