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Ref ID: 37165
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Higham, Charles
Higham, Thomas
Title: Khok Phanom Di: new radiocarbon dates and their implications
Date: 2022
Source: Journal of Indo-Pacific Archaeology
Abstract: Khok Phanom Di is a Neolithic site located on the former estuary of the Bang Pakong River in Central Thailand. The initial dating of occupation was based on ten radiocarbon determinations from charcoal, that placed its foundation between about 2000 BC and the end
of the seven-stage mortuary sequence five centuries later. Here we report on a new series of dates derived from human bone, shell and
charcoal embedded in stratified structural remains. These suggest an earlier occupation than has previously been published with implications for identifying a coastal expansion of early rice farmers along the coast of Vietnam and the eastern shore of the Gulf of Siam.
Volume: 46
Number: 1
Page Start: 17
Page End: 30