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Journal Article 2021 Alam, Ornob Genome analysis traces regional dispersal of rice in Taiwan and Southeast Asia Molecular Biology and Evolution [Alam, 2021 #37117]
Journal Article 2020 Ishikawa, Ryo Genetic evaluation of domestication-related traits in rice: implications for the archaeobotany of rice origins Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences [Ishikawa, 2020 #36808]
Journal Article 2019 Suganya, Arunan Spatial distribution mapping of molecules in the grains of different rice landraces, using desorption electrospray ionization mass spectrometry Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry [Suganya, 2019 #26657]
Journal Article 2019 White, Chantel Rice carbonization and the archaeobotanical record: experimental results from the Ban Chiang ethnobotanical collection, Thailand Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences [White, 2019 #26670]
Book Section 2011 van Driem, George Rice and the Austroasiatic and Hmong-Mien homelands Dynamics of human diversity [van 2011 #22985]
Journal Article 2011 Fuller, Dorian Q. Pathways to Asian civilizations: tracing the origins and spread of rice and rice cultures Rice [Fuller, 2011 #28431]
Journal Article 2011 Ishii, Takashige Evaluation of genetic variation among wild populations and local varieties of rice Rice [Ishii, 2011 #28423]
Journal Article 2006 Olsen, Kenneth M. Selection under domestication: evidence for a sweep in the rice <i>Waxy</i> genomic region Genetics [Olsen, 2006 #28454]
Journal Article 2008 Fuller, Dorian Q. Immature rice and its archaeobotanical recognition: a reply to Pan Antiquity [Fuller, 2008 #28491]
Book Section 2010 Khush, Gurdev S. A century of rice breeding, its impact and challenges ahead Rice: origin, antiquity and history [Khush, 2010 #23217]
Book (Edited) 2010 Sharma, S. D. Rice: origin, antiquity and history [Sharma, 2010 #21420]
Book Section 1998 Nguyên Xuân Hiên, Rice remains from various archaeological sites in North and South Vietnam Southeast Asian Archaeology 1996: Proceedings of the 6th International Conference of the European Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists, Leiden, 2-6 September 1996 [Nguyên 1998 #23526]
Journal Article 1993 Nakamura, Gorou The origins of rice cultivation: problems associated with finds of rice and <i>ishibocho</i> in the northern Indian subcontinent Bulletin of the Ancient Orient Museum [Nakamura, 1993 #29637]
Journal Article 2006 Londo, Jason P. Phylogeography of Asian wild rice, Oryza rufipogon, reveals multiple independent domestications of cultivated rice, Oryza sativa PNAS [Londo, 2006 #29746]
Journal Article 1986 Chang, Te-Tzu Crop history and genetic conservation: rice -- a case study Iowa State Journal of Research [Chang, 1986 #29896]
Journal Article 2005 Garris, Amanda J. Genetic structure and diversity in <i>Oryza sativa</i> L. Genetics [Garris, 2005 #29963]
Book Section 1974 Angladette, A. Rice in humid tropical Asia Natural resources of humid tropical Asia [Angladette, 1974 #23945]
Journal Article 2004 Ma, Jianxin Rapid recent growth and divergence of rice nuclear genomes PNAS [Ma, 2004 #30670]
Journal Article 2003 Yamanaka, Shinsuke Dual origin of the cultivated rice based on molecular markers of newly collected annual and perennial strains of wild rice species, <i>Oryza nivara</i> and <i>O. rufipogon</i> Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution [Yamanaka, 2003 #30675]
Journal Article 2003 Zheng, Yunfei Molecular genetic basis of determining subspecies of ancient rice using the shape of phytoliths Journal of Archaeological Science [Zheng, 2003 #31823]
Book Section in a Series 2001 Sato, Yo-Ichiro Beginning of rice cultivation in the eastern Asia Environmental changes and rise and fall of civilizations [Sato, 2001 #26037]
Book Section in a Series 2001 Yano, Azusa Application of chloroplast PS-ID sequences to identification of ancient rice Environmental changes and rise and fall of civilizations [Yano, 2001 #26029]
Book Section 1975 Whyte, R. O. The genetic resources in Asian ecosystems containing perennial species of the gramineae and the leguminosae Southeast Asian plant genetic resources [Whyte, 1975 #24782]
Journal Article 1966 Jennings, Peter R. The evolution of plant type in Oryza sativa Economic Botany [Jennings, 1966 #35340]
Book in a Series 1996 Thompson, Gillian B. The excavation of Khok Phanom Di, a prehistoric site in central Thailand. Vol. IV: subsistence and environment: the botanical evidence (the biological remains, part II) [Thompson, 1996 #21944]
Book in a Series 1988 Oka, Hiko-Ichi Origin of cultivated rice [Oka, 1988 #21950]
Journal Article 1982 Advisory Committee, IBPGR-IRRI Rice Conservation of the wild rices of tropical Asia Plant Genetic Resources Newsletter [Advisory 1982 #35686]
Journal Article 1974 Jennings, P. Rice breeding and world food production Science [Jennings, 1974 #35685]
Journal Article 1984 Morishima, H. Differentiation of perennial and annual types due to habitat conditions in the wild rice Oryza perennis Plant Systematics and Evolution [Morishima, 1984 #35666]
Journal Article 1971 Oka, H. I. The dynamics of plant domestication: cultivation experiments with O. perennis and its hybrid with O. sativa Evolution [Oka, 1971 #35663]