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Journal Article 2019 d'Alpoim Guedes, Jade The wet and the dry, the wild and the cultivated: subsistence and risk management in ancient Central Thailand Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences [d'Alpoim 2019 #26672]
Journal Article 2011 Ishii, Takashige Evaluation of genetic variation among wild populations and local varieties of rice Rice [Ishii, 2011 #28423]
Journal Article 1969 Hui-Lin Li, The vegetables of ancient China Economic Botany [Hui-Lin 1969 #29377]
Book Section 1985 Yen, D. E. Wild plants and domestication in Pacific Islands Recent Advances in Indo-Pacific Prehistory: Proceedings of the International Symposium Held at Poona, December 19-21, 1978 [Yen, 1985 #24022]
Journal Article 2004 Kislev, Mordechai E. Impetus for sowing and the beginning of agriculture: Ground collecting of wild cereals PNAS [Kislev, 2004 #30682]
Thesis-PhD 1996 Somnasang, Prapimporn Rathakette Indigenous food use: gender issues in rural northeast Thailand [Somnasang, 1996 #36560]
Journal Article 1998 Utsunomiya, Naoki Diospyros species in Thailand: their distribution, fruit morphology and uses Economic Botany [Utsunomiya, 1998 #33838]
Conference Paper 1963 Samapuddhi, K. Some food plants in the forests of Thailand Proceedings of the Ninth Pacific Science Congress of the Pacific Science Association, held at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand, November 18th to December 9th, 1957 [Samapuddhi, 1963 #26480]
Journal Article 1991 Bahuchet, Serge Wild yams revisited: is independence from agriculture possible for rain forest hunter-gatherers Human Ecology [Bahuchet, 1991 #34801]
Journal Article 1989 Bailey, Robert C. Hunting and gathering in tropical rain forest? Is it possible? American Anthropologist [Bailey, 1989 #34800]
Journal Article 1987 Headland, Thomas N. The wild yam question: how well could independent hunter-gatherers live in a tropical rain forest ecosystem Human Ecology [Headland, 1987 #34675]