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Ref ID: 33838
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Utsunomiya, Naoki
Subhadrabandhu, Suranant
Yonemori, Keizo
Oshida, Masatoshi
Kanzaki, Shinya
Nakatsubo, Fumiaki
Sugiura, Akira
Title: Diospyros species in Thailand: their distribution, fruit morphology and uses
Date: 1998
Source: Economic Botany
Abstract: Diospyros species distributed widely in Thailand were classified into four ecotypes, according to their habitat
constantly humid area, alternately dry and wet area, mountainous cool area and all area. Some of them inhabit near dwelling areas or in the paddy field in the village. The young fruit is covered with dense pubescence in most areas. The size, shape, and color of mature fruit greatly vary with the species. In most species, the mature fruit has a soft pulp and hard skin. The fruit of six species has been used for dying. Four species produce edible fruits, with color and flavor favorable for breeding of edible Diospyros species. The fruit of some species contains some chemicals useful as fish poisoning or of medicines, although the active components have not yet been identified. The edible fruit contained many tannin cells, but the fruit used as fish poisoning and medicines had only a few.
Date Created: 6/19/2002
Volume: 52
Number: 4
Page Start: 341
Page End: 351