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Book Section 1976 Chang, T. T. Genetic variousness in the climatic adaptation of rice cultivars Climate and Rice: Proceedings of the Symposium [Chang, 1976 #37182]
Journal Article 2020 Gutaker, Rafal M. Genomic history and ecology of the geographic spread of rice Nature Plants [Gutaker, 2020 #36651]
Journal Article 2011 Ishii, Takashige Evaluation of genetic variation among wild populations and local varieties of rice Rice [Ishii, 2011 #28423]
Journal Article 2011 Hsieh, Jaw-shu Studies on ancient riceĀ– where botanists, agronomists, archeologists, linguists, and ethnologists meet Rice [Hsieh, 2011 #28422]
Journal Article 2011 Barker, Randolph The origin and spread of early-ripening Champa rice: its impact on Song Dynasty China Rice [Barker, 2011 #28421]
Journal Article 2006 Olsen, Kenneth M. Selection under domestication: evidence for a sweep in the rice <i>Waxy</i> genomic region Genetics [Olsen, 2006 #28454]
Journal Article 2011 Asano, Kenji Artificial selection for a green revolution gene during <i>japonica</i> rice domestication PNAS [Asano, 2011 #28623]
Journal Article 2008 Konishi, Saeko Inference of the <i>japonica</i> rice domestication process from the distribution of six functional nucleotide polymorphisms of domestication-related genes in various landraces and modern cultivars Plant and Cell Physiology [Konishi, 2008 #28622]
Journal Article 2009 Purugganan, Michael D. The nature of selection during plant domestication Nature [Purugganan, 2009 #28621]
Journal Article 2007 Rakshit, Sujay Large-scale DNA polymorphism study of <i>Oryza sativa</i> and <i>O. rufipogon</i> reveals the origin and divergence of Asian rice Theoretical and Applied Genetics [Rakshit, 2007 #28620]
Journal Article 2007 Sweeney, Megan The complex history of the domestication of rice Annals of Botany [Sweeney, 2007 #28619]
Journal Article 2008 Vaughan, Duncan A. The evolving story of rice evolution Plant Science [Vaughan, 2008 #28618]
Book 1963 Darlington, Cyril Dean Chromosome botany and the origins of cultivated plants [Darlington, 1963 #20556]
Journal Article 2005 Codron, Jacqui Taxonomic, anatomical, and spatio-temporal variations in the stable carbon and nitrogen isotopic compositions of plants from an African savanna Journal of Archaeological Science [Codron, 2005 #30153]
Journal Article 2006 Commisso, R. G. Modern plant delta{\super 15}N values reflect ancient human activity Journal of Archaeological Science [Commisso, 2006 #30151]
Journal Article 1996 Linhart, Yan B. Evolutionary significance of local genetic differentiation in plants Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics [Linhart, 1996 #30100]
Book Section in a Series 2002 Bellwood, Peter Farmers, foragers, languages, genes: the genesis of agricultural societies Examining the farming/language dispersal hypothesis [Bellwood, 2002 #25946]
Journal Article 1947 Steenis, C. G. G. J. van Tertiary fossil wood from the islands Soemba and Soembawa and its genetic plant-geographical significance Chronica Naturae [Steenis, 1947 #30236]
Journal Article 1999 Chalfoun, David J. Botanical remains: utility in protein and DNA research Ancient Biomolecules [Chalfoun, 1999 #32437]
Book Section in a Series 2001 Sato, Yo-Ichiro Beginning of rice cultivation in the eastern Asia Environmental changes and rise and fall of civilizations [Sato, 2001 #26037]
Book Section in a Series 2001 Yano, Azusa Application of chloroplast PS-ID sequences to identification of ancient rice Environmental changes and rise and fall of civilizations [Yano, 2001 #26029]
Book Section 1993 O'Leary, Marion H. Biochemical basis of carbon isotope fractionation Stable isotopes and plant carbon-water relations [O'Leary, 1993 #24462]
Book Section 1993 Vogel, John C. Variability of carbon isotope fractionation during photosynthesis Stable isotopes and plant carbon-water relations [Vogel, 1993 #24460]
Book Section 1994 Lajitha, K. Sources of variation in the stable isotopic composition of plants Stable isotopes in ecology and environmental science [Lajitha, 1994 #24455]
Book Section 2000 Yano, Azusa Origins of rice cultivation addressed by ancient DNA analysis Monsoon: environmental change in Eurasia. The 1st ALDP/ELDP joint meeting [Yano, 2000 #24562]