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Book 2014 Denham, Tim The “Austronesian” Dispersal in Island Southeast Asia: Steps Toward an Integrated Archaeological Perspective The Oxford Handbook of Prehistoric Oceania [Denham, 2014 #37315]
Journal Article 2004 Fuller, Dorian Early plant domestication in southern India: some preliminary archaeobotany results Vegetation History and Archaeobotany [Fuller, 2004 #36833]
Journal Article 2020 Gutaker, Rafal M. Genomic history and ecology of the geographic spread of rice Nature Plants [Gutaker, 2020 #36651]
Journal Article 2020 Denham, Tim The domestication syndrome in vegetatively-propagated field crops Annals of Botany [Denham, 2020 #19047]
Journal Article 2018 Yong Ge, Phytolith analysis for the identification of barnyard millet (<i>Echinochloa </i> sp.) and its implications Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences [Yong 2018 #26763]
Journal Article 2016 Dodson, John What do we know about domestication in eastern Asia? Quaternary International [Dodson, 2016 #26765]
Journal Article 2009 Denham, Tim Pre-Austronesian dispersal of banana cultivars West from New Guinea: linguistic relics from Eastern Indonesia Archaeology in Oceania [Denham, 2009 #27519]
Journal Article 2013 Denham, T. Early farming in island Southeast Asia: an alternative hypothesis Antiquity [Denham, 2013 #27703]
Journal Article 2004 Denham, T. New evidence and interpretations for early agriculture in Highland New Guinea Antiquity [Denham, 2004 #27702]
Journal Article 2003 Denham, T. Origins of agriculture at Kuk Swamp in Highland New Guinea Science [Denham, 2003 #27701]
Book Section 2015 Tromp, Monica Dental calculus and plant diet in Oceania The Routledge handbook of bioarchaeology in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands [Tromp, 2015 #22441]
Journal Article 2011 Bradley, David Proto-Tibetan-Burman grain crops Rice [Bradley, 2011 #28427]
Journal Article 2011 Southworth, Franklin Rice in Dravidian Rice [Southworth, 2011 #28426]
Journal Article 2006 Olsen, Kenneth M. Selection under domestication: evidence for a sweep in the rice <i>Waxy</i> genomic region Genetics [Olsen, 2006 #28454]
Journal Article 2008 Willcox, George Early Holocene cultivation before domestication in northern Syria Vegetation History and Archaeobotany [Willcox, 2008 #28577]
Journal Article 2009 Purugganan, Michael D. The nature of selection during plant domestication Nature [Purugganan, 2009 #28621]
Book (Edited) 2006 Zeder, Melinda A. Documenting domestication: new genetic and archaeological paradigms [Zeder, 2006 #21423]
Journal Article 2006 Fuller, Dorian Q. Agricultural origins and frontiers in South Asia: a working synthesis Journal of World Prehistory [Fuller, 2006 #28643]
Journal Article 2007 Fuller, Dorian Q. Contrasting patterns in crop domestication and domestication rates: recent archaeobotanical insights from the Old World Annals of Botany [Fuller, 2007 #28641]
Book 1969 Masefield, G. B. The Oxford book of food plants [Masefield, 1969 #20395]
Book Section 1981 Kotani, Yoshinobu Evidence of plant cultivation in Jomon Japan: some implications. Affluent foragers: Pacific coasts East and West [Kotani, 1981 #23649]
Journal Article 2008 Kennedy, Jean Pacific bananas: complex origins, multiple dispersals? Asian Perspectives (2008) [Kennedy, 2008 #29526]
Book Section 1992 Crawford, G. W. Prehistoric plant domestication in East Asia The origins of agriculture: an international perspective [Crawford, 1992 #23868]
Book 1992 Cowan, Wesley The origins of agriculture: an international perspective [Cowan, 1992 #20663]
Book Section 1984 Constantini, L. The beginning of agriculture in the Kachi plain: the evidence of Mehrgarh South Asian Archaeology 1981. Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference of the Association of South Asian Archaeologists in Western Europe Held in Cambridge University 5-10 July 1981 [Constantini, 1984 #23879]
Book 1886 Candolle, Alphonso Origin of cultivated plants [Candolle, 1886 #20714]
Journal Article 1990 Bellwood, Peter Foraging towards farming: a decisive transition or a millennial blur? Review of Archaeology [Bellwood, 1990 #29955]
Book Section 1977 Bellwood, Peter Prehistoric plant and animal domestication in Austronesia Problems in economic and social archaeology [Bellwood, 1977 #23937]
Journal Article 2007 Norton, Christopher J. Sedentism, territorial circumscription, and the increased use of plant domesticates across Neolithic-Bronze Age Korea Asian Perspectives (2007) [Norton, 2007 #29995]
Book Section 1969 Allchin, F. Raymond Early cultivated plants in India and Pakistan The domestication and exploitation of plants and animals [Allchin, 1969 #23953]