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Ref ID: 27701
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Denham, T.
Haberle, S. G.
Lentfer, C.
Fullager, R.
Field, J.
Therin, M.
Porch, N.
Winsborough, B.
Title: Origins of agriculture at Kuk Swamp in Highland New Guinea
Date: 2003
Source: Science
DOI: 10.1126/science.1085255
Abstract: Multidisciplinary investigations at Kuk Swamp in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea show that agriculture arose independently in New Guinea by at least 6950 to 6440 calibrated years before the present (cal yr B.P.). Plant exploitation and some cultivation occurred on the wetland margin at 10,220 to 9910 cal yr B.P. (phase 1), mounding cultivation began by 6950 to 6440 cal yr B.P. (phase 2), and ditched cultivation began by 4350 to 3980 cal yr B.P. (phase 3). Clearance of lower montane rainforests began in the early Holocene, with modification to grassland at 6950 to 6440 cal yr B.P. Taro (Colocasia esculenta) was utilized in the early Holocene, and bananas (Musa spp.) were intensively cultivated by at least 6950 to 6440 cal yr B.P.
Date Created: 4/18/2016
Volume: 301
Number: 5630
Page Start: 189
Page End: 193