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Journal Article 2018 McColl, Hugh The prehistoric peopling of Southeast Asia Science [McColl, 2018 #37321]
Journal Article 2023 Skeels, A. Paleoenvironments shaped the exchange of terrestrial vertebrates across Wallace's Line Science [Skeels, 2023 #37218]
Journal Article 2020 Brasseur, Boris A younger "earliest human migration" to Southeast Asia Science [Brasseur, 2020 #19017]
Journal Article 1982 Gale, Noël H. Bronze age copper sources in the Mediterranean: a new approach Science [Gale, 1982 #26602]
Journal Article 2009 Clark, Peter U. The last glacial maximum Science [Clark, 2009 #26610]
Journal Article 2018 Lipson, Mark Ancient genomes document multiple waves of migration in Southeast Asian prehistory Science [Lipson, 2018 #26718]
Journal Article 2011 O'Connor, Sue Pelagic fishing at 42,000 years before the present and the maritime skills of modern humans Science [O'Connor, 2011 #27476]
Journal Article 2003 Denham, T. Origins of agriculture at Kuk Swamp in Highland New Guinea Science [Denham, 2003 #27701]
Journal Article 2006 Mellars, P. Going east: new genetic and archaeological perspectives on the modern human colonization of Eurasia Science [Mellars, 2006 #27793]
Journal Article 2002 Henshilwood, C.S. Emergence of modern human behavior: engravings of modern middle stone age from South Africa Science [Henshilwood, 2002 #27815]
Journal Article 1970 Carneiro, Robert L. A theory on the origin of the state Science [Carneiro, 1970 #28020]
Journal Article 2005 Yongjin Wang, The Holocene Asian monsoon: links to solar changes and North Atlantic climate Science [Yongjin 2005 #28048]
Journal Article 1996 Swisher III, C. C. Latest <i>Homo erectus</i> of Java: potential contemporaneity with <i>Homo sapiens</i> in Southeast Asia Science [Swisher 1996 #28486]
Journal Article 2005 Thangaraj, Kumarasamy Reconstructing the origin of Andaman Islanders Science [Thangaraj, 2005 #28485]
Journal Article 2005 Macaulay, V. Single, rapid coastal settlement of Asia revealed by analysis of complete mitochondrial genomes Science [Macaulay, 2005 #28497]
Journal Article 1997 Grun, R. Dating the Ngandong humans Science [Grun, 1997 #28502]
Journal Article 1886 Anonymous Metal-work of the Burmese Science [Anonymous 1886 #28540]
Journal Article 2004 Yuan, Daoxian Timing, duration, and transitions of the last interglacial Asian monsoon Science [Yuan, 2004 #28576]
Journal Article 2001 Wang, Y. J. A high-resolution absolute-dated Late Pleistocene monsoon record from Hulu Cave, China Science [Wang, 2001 #28579]
Journal Article 2001 Ke, Yuehai African origin of modern chromosomes in East Asia: a tale of 12,000 Y chromosomes Science [Ke, 2001 #28614]
Journal Article 2009 The HUGO Pan-Asian SNP Consortium Mapping human genetic diversity in Asia Science [The 2009 #28615]
Journal Article 2009 Fuller, Dorian Q. The domestication process and domestication rate in rice: spikelet bases from the lower Yangtze Science [Fuller, 2009 #28639]
Journal Article 1991 Templeton, A. R. Human origins and analysis of mitochondrial DNA sequences Science [Templeton, 1991 #28743]
Journal Article 1988 Wolpoff, M. H. Modern human origins Science [Wolpoff, 1988 #29248]
Journal Article 1994 Swisher, C. C. Age of the earliest known hominids in Java, Indonesia Science [Swisher, 1994 #29366]
Journal Article 1988 Lewin, R. New views emerge on hunters and gatherers: a very simple but persuasive model of hunter-gatherer life dominated anthropological thought for two decades, but is now being replaced as challenges come from several directions Science [Lewin, 1988 #29379]
Journal Article 2006 Salganik, Matthew J. Experimental study of inequality and unpredictability in an artificial cultural market Science [Salganik, 2006 #29436]
Journal Article 1982 Shimada, Izumi Batán Grande: a prehistoric metallurgical center in Peru Science [Shimada, 1982 #29709]
Journal Article 1973 Wertime, Theodore A. The beginnings of metallurgy: a new look Science [Wertime, 1973 #30048]
Journal Article 2006 Stone, Richard The end of Angkor Science [Stone, 2006 #30066]