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Ref ID: 27702
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Denham, T.
Haberle, S. G.
Lentfer C.
Title: New evidence and interpretations for early agriculture in Highland New Guinea
Date: 2004
Source: Antiquity
Notes: This review of the evidence for early agriculture in New Guinea supported by new data from Kuk Swamp demonstrates that cultivation had begun there by at least 6950-6440 cal BP and probably much earlier. Contrary to previous ideas, the first farming in New Guinea was not owed to Southeast Asia, but emerged independently in the Highlands. Indeed plants such as the banana were probably first domesticated in New Guinea and later diffused into the Asian continent.
Date Created: 4/18/2016
Volume: 78
Number: 302
Page Start: 839
Page End: 857