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Journal Article 2017 Sikora, Martin A Genomic View of the Pleistocene
Population History of Asia
Current Anthropology [Sikora, 2017 #37344]
Journal Article 2023 Carlhoff, Selina Genomic portrait and relatedness patterns of the Iron Age Log Coffin culture in northwestern Thailand Nature Communications [Carlhoff, 2023 #37306]
Journal Article 2019 Siripan, Sirianong Origin of prehistoric cattle excavated from four
archaeological sites in central and northeastern
Mitochondrial DNA Part A: DNA Mapping, Sequencing, and Analysis [Siripan, 2019 #37153]
Journal Article 2021 Larena, Maximilian Philippine Ayta possess the highest level of Denisovan ancestry in the world Current Biology [Larena, 2021 #37112]
Journal Article 2021 Carlhoff, Selina Genome of a middle Holocene hunter-gatherer from Wallacea Nature [Carlhoff, 2021 #37106]
Journal Article 2021 Wang, Tianyi Human population history at the crossroads of East and Southeast Asia since 11,000 years ago Cell [Wang, 2021 #37094]
Journal Article July 2022 Zhang, Xiaoming A Late Pleistocene human genome from Southwest China Current Biology [Zhang, July 2022 #37063]
Book Section 2022 Soares, Pedro The archaeogenetics of Southeast Asia The Oxford Handbook of Early Southeast Asia [Soares, 2022 #37016]
Journal Article 2022 Zhang, Xiaoming A Late Pleistocene human genome from Southwest China Current Biology [Zhang, 2022 #36995]
Journal Article 2021 Sun, Xue-feng Ancient DNA and multimethod dating confirm the late arrival of anatomically modern humans in southern China PNAS [Sun, 2021 #36966]
Journal Article 2018 Gosling, Anne L. The evolutionary history and human settlement of Australia and the Pacific Current Opinion in Genetics & Development [Gosling, 2018 #26622]
Journal Article 2018 Lipson, Mark Population turnover in Remote Oceania shortly after initial settlement Current Biology [Lipson, 2018 #26621]
Journal Article 2018 Hashom Mohd Hakim A new analysis of population history in Sabah and Sarawak Global Journal of Business and Social Science Review [Hashom 2018 #26658]
Book Section in a Series 2018 Louys, Julien Neolithic dispersal implications of murids from late Holocene archaeological and modern natural deposits in the Talaud Islands, northern Sulawesi The Archaeology of Sulawesi [Louys, 2018 #25317]
Journal Article 2018 Lipson, Mark Ancient genomes document multiple waves of migration in Southeast Asian prehistory Science [Lipson, 2018 #26718]
Journal Article 2004 Lansing, J. S. An Indian trader in ancient Bali? Antiquity [Lansing, 2004 #26793]
Journal Article 2017 Gómez-Zeledón, Javier TaqMan qPCR pushes boundaries for the analysis of millennial wood Journal of Archaeological Science [Gómez-Zeledón, 2017 #26834]
Journal Article 2016 Barton, Loukas The cultural context of biological adaptation to high elevation Tibet Archaeological Research in Asia [Barton, 2016 #27022]
Journal Article 2011 Reich, D. Denisova admixture and the first modern human dispersals into Southeast Asia and Oceania American Journal of Human Genetics [Reich, 2011 #27773]
Journal Article 2010 Krause, J. The complete mitochondrial DNA genome of an unknown hominin from southern Siberia Nature [Krause, 2010 #27797]
Journal Article 2016 Castillo, Cristina Cobo Archaeogenetic study of prehistoric rice remains from Thailand and India: evidence of early <i>japonica</i> in South and Southeast Asia Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences [Castillo, 2016 #27922]
Book Section 2010 Halcrow, S. E. An application of ancient DNA methods for understanding health and social changes with agricultural intensification in prehistoric Southeast Asia Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Ancient DNA & Associated Biomolecules, Lódz, Poland, 16-19 October 2006 and the 9th International Conference on Ancient DNA & Associated Biomolecules, Pompeii, Italy, 19-22 October 2008 [Halcrow, 2010 #22713]
Journal Article 1993 Harpending, Henry C. The genetic structure of ancient human populations Current Anthropology [Harpending, 1993 #28501]
Journal Article 2011 Singh, Varun South Asia - perennial backwater or object of biased assessment: a discussion based on current archaeological, anthropological, and genetic evidence Asian Perspectives (2010) [Singh, 2011 #28606]
Journal Article 2008 Soares, Pedro Climate change and postglacial human dispersals in Southeast Asia Molecular Biology and Evolution [Soares, 2008 #28613]
Journal Article 2010 Larson, Gregor Patterns of East Asian pig domestication, migration, and turnover revealed by modern and ancient DNA PNAS [Larson, 2010 #28636]
Journal Article 1991 Hertzberg, Mark Polynesian origins and migration: the story according to nuclear and mitochondrial DNA markers Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Hertzberg, 1991 #29132]
Journal Article 2007 Larson, Greger Phylogeny and ancient DNA of <i>Sus</i> provides insights into neolithic expansion in island Southeast Asia and Oceania PNAS [Larson, 2007 #29278]
Journal Article 1999 Wayne, Robert K. Full of sound and fury: the recent history of ancient DNA Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics [Wayne, 1999 #30057]
Journal Article 2006 Xiaoxia Wang, Gene losses during human origins Public Library of Science: Biology [Xiaoxia 2006 #30050]