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Conference Paper 2009 Bui Thi Thu Phuong Vietnam Bronze Age, the Pre-Dongsonian culture: a study of the Phung Nguyen cultural pottery The 4th Asian Graduate Forum on Southeast Asian Studies [Bui 2009 #26433]
Book 2009 Calo, Ambra The distribution of bronze drums in early Southeast Asia trade routes and cultural spheres [Calo, 2009 #20345]
Journal Article 2009 Campbell, Roderick B. Toward a networks and boundaries approach to early complex politics: the late Shang case Current Anthropology [Campbell, 2009 #28021]
Journal Article 2009 Carter, Alison From prasars to phnoms: international collaborative research in Cambodia SAA Archaeological Record [Carter, 2009 #28185]
Book Section in a Series 2009 Cawte, H. The stratigraphy The origins of the civilization of Angkor, vol. 3: the excavation of Ban Non Wat, part one: introduction [Cawte, 2009 #25498]
Report 2009 Cawte, H. J. Archaeometallurgical investigations at Baolo and Dragon Field, Savannakhet Province, Laos: stage 1 recommendations and results provided to Lang Xiang Mineral Ltd. [Cawte, 2009 #36157]
Book Section 2009 Ceron, Ma. Jasminda Liza R. The wooden posts of Opol church ruins, Misamis Oriental Proceedings of the Society of Philippine Archaeologists [Ceron, 2009 #22709]
Journal Article 2009 Cherry, Haydon Digging up the past: prehistory and the weight of the present in Vietnam Journal of Vietnamese Studies [Cherry, 2009 #28233]
Book Section 2009 Chhay, V. Preliminary results of the Anlong Thom kiln excavation on Phnom Kulen in Angkor: a case study of ALK01 The Fourth Forbes Symposium at the Freer Gallery of Art: studies of historic Asian ceramics using scientific methods [Chhay, 2009 #22338]
Book Section 2009 Chiou-Peng, Tzehuey Incipient metallurgy in Yunnan: new data for old debates Metallurgy and civilisation: Eurasia and beyond [Chiou-Peng, 2009 #22870]
Journal Article 2009 Clark, Peter U. The last glacial maximum Science [Clark, 2009 #26610]
Thesis 2009 Cox, Katherine Human migration in prehistoric Northeast Thailand Department of Anatomy and Structural Biology [Cox, 2009 #36339]
Book in a Series 2009 Davis, Richard H. Global India circa 100 CE : South Asia in early world history [Davis, 2009 #21680]
Book 2009 Degroot, Véronique Candi, space and landscape: a study on the distribution, orientation and spatial organization of central Javanese temple remains Mededelingen van het Rijksmuseum voor Volkenkunde [Degroot, 2009 #19808]
Journal Article 2009 Denham, Tim Pre-Austronesian dispersal of banana cultivars West from New Guinea: linguistic relics from Eastern Indonesia Archaeology in Oceania [Denham, 2009 #27519]
Journal Article 2009 Denham, Tim Agricultural emergence and transformation in the Upper Wahgi valley, Papua New Guinea, during the Holocene: theory, method and practice Holocene [Denham, 2009 #28596]
Book 2009 Dennell, Robin The Paleolithic settlement of Asia [Dennell, 2009 #20230]
Journal Article 2009 Dinh Quoc Phuong, A conservation perspective on the Ba Dinh archaeological site Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Dinh 2009 #29083]
Journal Article 2009 Dobberstein, R. Archaeological collagen: why worry about collagen diagenesis Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences [Dobberstein, 2009 #27669]
Journal Article 2009 Dodson, J. Early bronze in two Holocene archaeological sites in Gansu, NW China Quaternary Research [Dodson, 2009 #29048]
Journal Article 2009 Domett, K. M. Health in Pre-Angkorian Cambodia: a bioarchaeological analysis of the skeletal remains from Phum Snay Asian Perspectives (2009) [Domett, 2009 #29223]
Book 2009 Duday, Henri The Archaeology of the Dead: Lectures in Archaeothanatology [Duday, 2009 #20046]
Book Section in a Series 2009 Dussubieux, Laure Compositional analysis of ancient glass fragments from north Sumatra, Indonesia Histoire de Barus III: regards sur une place marchande de l'océan Indien (XIIe-milieu du XVIIes) [Dussubieux, 2009 #25344]
Book Section 2009 Eusebio, Michelle S. Did our church builders use egg whites as mortar ingredients? The biomolecular reason behind collecting mortars from historical sites Proceedings of the Society of Philippine Archaeologists [Eusebio, 2009 #22710]
Journal Article 2009 Eusebio, Michelle S. Updates from the field to the laboratory on The Ancient DNA Project Test Pit: Chronicle of the UP Archaeological Studies Program [Eusebio, 2009 #28169]
Journal Article 2009 Eusebio, Michelle S. Philippine cemeteries as heritage sites Aghamtao [Eusebio, 2009 #28174]
Journal Article 2009 Eusebio, Michelle S. Puwede bang gawing pinta ang pinangnganga? (Can the betel nut chew be used as a paint?) Test Pit: Chronicle of the UP Archaeological Studies Program [Eusebio, 2009 #28176]
Journal Article 2009 Falk, Dean LB1’s virtual endocast, microcephaly, and hominin brain evolution Journal of Human Evolution [Falk, 2009 #26639]
Thesis 2009 Fehrenbach, Shawn S. Traditions of ceramic technology: an analysis of the assemblages from Angkor Borei, Cambodia Department of Anthropology [Fehrenbach, 2009 #36358]
Journal Article 2009 Field, Julie S. Dietary change in Fijian prehistory: isotopic analyses of human and animal skeletal material Journal of Archaeological Science [Field, 2009 #26981]