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Ref ID: 26433
Ref Type: Conference Paper
Authors: Bui Thi Thu Phuong
Title: Vietnam Bronze Age, the Pre-Dongsonian culture: a study of the Phung Nguyen cultural pottery
Date: 2009
Source: The 4th Asian Graduate Forum on Southeast Asian Studies
Place of Publication: National University of Singapore
Publisher: Asia Research Institute
Abstract: Pottery is an important artifact to study about the material and non-material life of Prehistoric peoples in Vietnam and beyond. Creative ability and artistic knowledge of the old people are clearly expressed by pottery items which were made by themselves to use in daily life as well as to exchange with others at that time. Vietnamese pottery existed from Hoa Binh-Bac Son culture
this culture is assumed to date between 10,000BP-8,000BP. From this beginning, Vietnamese pottery reached a high pinnacle of decoration towards the Bronze Age, of which Phung Nguyen pottery wares was an example. The Bronze Age and the Dongson Culture of Vietnam are well-known to Vietnamese and international scholars alike. What is not known though, is that the Dongson Cultural System is divided into four periods: the Phung Nguyen, Dong Dau, Go Mun and Dong Son. Phung Nguyen is the earliest among the four periods, dated at 3,500BP-3,000BP. One particular feature of the Phung Nguyen period is its pottery. Its pottery reached its peak of technique when its design became a form of art because of its rich decorative patterns based on high artistic knowledge. Knowledge of this culture became known in 1959 with the excavation of the Phung Nguyen site (Phu Tho province) by Vietnamese archaeologists. To date, nearly 70 archaeological sites of the Phung Nguyen culture have been discovered and excavated. They are distributed in midland and high plains along wide and narrow rivers in the Red River Delta in North Vietnam. From the Phung Nguyen sites, ten thousands such pottery shards have been found. In this paper, I will introduce about studied of Phung Nguyen pottery based on its paste, forming technique, firing technique, types, decorative motif, and technique for making pattern. Decorative motif on the Phung Nguyen pottery had been inherited and promoted by the old dwellers belonging cultural stages, especially on the Dongsonian bronze drums have designs that are associated with the Phung Nguyen Culture.
Date Created: 11/22/2010