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Ref ID: 22709
Ref Type: Book Section
Authors: Ceron, Ma. Jasminda Liza R.
Lim, Eleonor Marie S.
Eusebio, Michelle S.
Roa, A. Paulita
Wright, Ma. Elena
Herrera, Michael James B.
Title: The wooden posts of Opol church ruins, Misamis Oriental
Date: 2009
Source: Proceedings of the Society of Philippine Archaeologists
Place of Publication: Manila
Publisher: The Katipunan Arkeologist ng Pilipinas
Abstract: During the 2008 archaeological field school at the church ruins of Opol, Misamis Oriental, several remains of wooden posts were uncovered within the site. The Philippines has a minimum of 3,000 tree species (Paz 2001). Timber from several of these species are suitable construction materials for houses and churches. This paper will present an analysis of the collected wood (charred, desiccated, and mineralized) samples. The analysis was done to determine if the species of wood used to make the posts were identical. The identification has implications on the archaeology of the site. The posts' association with the two churches built in the area reveals the past ecology of the region and the means by which people utilized the resources available in their environment.
Date Created: 3/27/2014
Editors: Jago-on, Sheldon Clyde
Cuevas, Nida
de Leon, Alexandra
Volume: 7
Page Start: 83
Page End: 93