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Ref ID: 19609
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Shewan, L. G.
Armstrong, R. A.
O'Reilly, D.
Title: Baseline bioavailable strontium isotope values for the investigation of residential mobility and resource-acquisitions strategies in prehistoric Cambodia
Date: 2020
Source: Archaeometry
Abstract: Strontium (Sr) isotope ratios (87Sr/86Sr) measured in human skeletal material can increase one's understanding of the residential behaviour and resource‚Äźacquisition strategies of past populations. The paper maps bioavailable 87Sr/86Sr variation in 183 plant and soil samples across Cambodia. Bioavailable 87Sr/86Sr, as measured in plants, differs significantly between four major geological units. The data set will support future investigations of skeletal material from Cambodian archaeological sites. Baseline 87Sr/86Sr data should be applied judiciously to skeletal populations, and in concert with other lines of evidence, to identify potential geographical outliers rather than to ascribe specific locations from which individuals may have moved.
Date Available: Available online 2020