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Journal Article 2020 Shewan, L. G. Baseline bioavailable strontium isotope values for the investigation of residential mobility and resource-acquisitions strategies in prehistoric Cambodia Archaeometry [Shewan, 2020 #19609]
Journal Article 2018 Bentley, R. Alexander Social differences in Neolithic/Bronze Age Myanmar: 87Sr/86Sr in skeletal remains from Oakaie 1 and Nyaung'gan Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports [Bentley, 2018 #26744]
Journal Article 2009 Bentley, R. Alexander Community diversity at Ban Lum Khao, Thailand: isotopic evidence from the skeletons Asian Perspectives (2009) [Bentley, 2009 #29222]
Journal Article 2007 Bentley, R. Alexander Shifting gender relations at Khok Phanom Di, Thailand: isotopic evidence from the skeletons Current Anthropology [Bentley, 2007 #29603]
Journal Article 2006 Bower, Nathan W. Preliminary reconstruction of diet at a neolithic site in Vietnam using stable isotope and Ba/Sr analyses Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Bower, 2006 #30035]
Journal Article 2006 Bentley, R. Alexander Strontium isotopes from the earth to the archaeological skeleton: A review Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory [Bentley, 2006 #30161]
Journal Article 2005 Knudson, Kelly J. The origin of the Juch'uypampa Cave mummies: strontium isotope analysis of archaeological human remains from Bolivia Journal of Archaeological Science [Knudson, 2005 #30115]
Journal Article 2005 Bentley, R. Alexander Matrilocality during the prehistoric transition to agriculture in Thailand? Antiquity [Bentley, 2005 #30177]
Book Section 1999 Budda, P. Pb and Sr isotope composition of human dental enamel: an indicator of Pacific islander population dynamics Le Pacifique de 5000 à 2000 avant le présent [Budda, 1999 #23993]
Journal Article 2004 Knudson, K. J. The use of strontium isotope analysis to investigate Tiwanaku migration and mortuary ritual in Bolivia and Peru Archaeometry [Knudson, 2004 #30708]
Journal Article 2003 Schweissing, Matthew Mike Stable strontium isotopes in human teeth and bone: a key to migration events of the late Roman period in Bavaria Journal of Archaeological Science [Schweissing, 2003 #31821]
Journal Article 2003 Mays, Simon Bone strontium: calicum ratios and duration of breastfeeding in a mediaeval skeletal population Journal of Archaeological Science [Mays, 2003 #31816]
Journal Article 2002 Price, T. D. The characterization of biologically available strontium isotope ratios for the study of prehistoric migration Archaeometry [Price, 2002 #33692]
Journal Article 2001 Blum, Joel D. Determining the sources of calcium for migratory songbirds using stable strontium isotopes Oecologia [Blum, 2001 #34395]
Journal Article 1999 Burton, James H. Evaluation of bone strontium as a measure of seafood consumption International Journal of Osteoarchaeology [Burton, 1999 #34391]
Journal Article 1999 Burton, James H. Correlation of bone Ba/Ca and Sr/Ca due to biological purification of calcium Journal of Archaeological Science [Burton, 1999 #34390]
Journal Article 1999 Hobson, Keith A. Tracing origins and migration of wildlife using stable isotopes: a review Oecologia [Hobson, 1999 #34367]
Journal Article 2000 Price, T. Douglas Immigration and the ancient city of Teotihuacan in Mexico: a study using strontium isotope ratios in human bone and teeth Journal of Archaeological Science [Price, 2000 #34341]
Journal Article 1978 Benfer, R. A. Mineral analysis of ancient Peruvian hair American Journal of Physical Anthropology [Benfer, 1978 #34788]
Journal Article 1990 Burton, James H. The ratio of barium to strontium as a paleodietary indicator of consumption of marine resources Journal of Archaeological Science [Burton, 1990 #34770]
Journal Article 1987 Byrne, K. B. Reconstruction of the diet of the Middle Woodland Amerindian population at Abbott Farm by bone trace-element analysis American Journal of Physical Anthropology [Byrne, 1987 #34768]
Journal Article 1985 Erickson, Jonathon E. Strontium isotope characterization in the study of prehistoric human ecology Journal of Human Evolution [Erickson, 1985 #34720]
Journal Article 1987 Fornaciari, G. Palaeonutritional studies on skeletal remains of ancient populations from the Mediterranean area: an attempt to interpretation Anthropologischer Anzeiger [Fornaciari, 1987 #34709]
Journal Article 1993 Grupe, Giseka Life style, subsistence and mortality in the Slavonic village at Espenfeld (Kr. Arnstadt, FRG). A trace element study Anthropologischer Anzeiger [Grupe, 1993 #34691]
Journal Article 1989 Grupe, Giseka Trace elements in excavated human hair Zeitschrift für Morphologie und Anthropologie [Grupe, 1989 #34690]
Journal Article 1976 Hoyme, L. E. S. Ecology of dental disease American Journal of Physical Anthropology [Hoyme, 1976 #34660]
Journal Article 1994 Kniewald, G. Trace metal levels in fossil human bone from the Bezdanjaca necropolis in Croatia Science of Total Environment [Kniewald, 1994 #34631]
Journal Article 1977 Kuhnlein, H. V. Minerals in human teeth: differences between preindustrial and contemporary Hopi Indians American Journal of Clinical Nutrition [Kuhnlein, 1977 #34622]
Journal Article 1982 Lambert, Joseph B. A comparative study of the chemical analysis of ribs and femurs in Woodland populations American Journal of Physical Anthropology [Lambert, 1982 #34617]
Journal Article 1992 Price, T. Douglas Diagenesis in prehistoric bone: problems and solutions Journal of Archaeological Science [Price, 1992 #34549]