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Journal Article 2020 Shewan, L. G. Baseline bioavailable strontium isotope values for the investigation of residential mobility and resource-acquisitions strategies in prehistoric Cambodia Archaeometry [Shewan, 2020 #19609]
Journal Article 2017 Borel, A. Stone tool forms and functions: a morphometric analysis of modern humans' stone tools from Song Terus cave (Java, Indonesia) Archaeometry [Borel, 2017 #26757]
Journal Article 2018 Pryce, T. O. Copper-base metallurgy in metal-age Bali: evidence from Gilimanuk, Manikliyu, Pacung, Pangkung Paruk and Sembiran Archaeometry [Pryce, 2018 #26761]
Journal Article 2018 Henderson, J. The archaeometry and archaeology of ancient Chinese glass: a review Archaeometry [Henderson, 2018 #26859]
Journal Article 2016 Carter, A. K. Glass beads from 15th-17th century CE jar burial sites in Cambodia's Cardamom Mountains Archaeometry [Carter, 2016 #26966]
Journal Article 2017 Grave, P. Differentiating Khmer stoneware production: an NAA pilot study from Siem Reap Province, Cambodia Archaeometry [Grave, 2017 #27566]
Journal Article 2010 Caro, F. Towards a quantitative petrographic databse of Khmer stone materials -- Koh Ker style Archaeometry [Caro, 2010 #27866]
Journal Article 2007 Pernicka, E. Energy dispersive x.ray fluorescence analysis of ancient copper alloys: empirical values for precision and accuracy Archaeometry [Pernicka, 2007 #27917]
Journal Article 1995 Budd, P. The possible fractionation of lead isotopes in ancient metallurgical processes Archaeometry [Budd, 1995 #28070]
Journal Article 1979 Hedges, R. E. M. The heavy mineral separation of ancient ceramics by centrifugation: a preliminary report Archaeometry [Hedges, 1979 #28076]
Journal Article 2003 Niederschlag, E. The determination of lead isotope ratios by multiple collector ICP-MS: a case study of early Bronze Age artefacts and their possible relation with ore deposits of the Erzgebirge Archaeometry [Niederschlag, 2003 #28360]
Journal Article 1984 Tite, M. S. A technological study of Chinese porcelain of the Yuan Dynasty Archaeometry [Tite, 1984 #28730]
Journal Article 2004 Jones, A. Archaeometry and materiality: materials-based analysis in theory and practice Archaeometry [Jones, 2004 #28771]
Journal Article 1998 Sax, M. Methods of engraving Mesopotamian cylinder seals: experimental confirmation Archaeometry [Sax, 1998 #28860]
Journal Article 2010 Pryce, T. O. Southeast Asia's first isotopically-defined prehistoric copper production system: when did extractive metallurgy begin in the Khao Wong Prachan Valley of central Thailand? Archaeometry [Pryce, 2010 #29049]
Journal Article 1986 Whitbread, I. K. The characterisation of argillaceous inclusions in ceramic thin sections Archaeometry [Whitbread, 1986 #29270]
Journal Article 1988 Henderson, J. Electron probe microanalysis of mixed alkali glasses Archaeometry [Henderson, 1988 #29555]
Journal Article 1993 Hedges, R. E. M. Radiocarbon dates from the Oxford AMS system: archaeometry datelist 17 Archaeometry [Hedges, 1993 #29562]
Journal Article 1992 Sayre, E. V. Statistical evaluation of the presently accumulated lead isotope data from Anatolia and surrounding regions Archaeometry [Sayre, 1992 #29719]
Journal Article 2000 Sillar, B. The challenge of 'technological choices' for materials science approaches in archaeology Archaeometry [Sillar, 2000 #29707]
Journal Article 1992 Pernicka, Ernst Evaluating lead isotope data: comments on Sayre et al Archaeometry [Pernicka, 1992 #29756]
Journal Article 1993 Pernicka, Ernst Evaluating lead isotope data: further observations -- Comments III Archaeometry [Pernicka, 1993 #29755]
Journal Article 1987 Craddock, Paul T. Iron in ancient copper Archaeometry [Craddock, 1987 #29787]
Journal Article 2002 Balter, V. Evidence of physico-chemical and isotopic modifications in archaeological bones during controlled acid etching Archaeometry [Balter, 2002 #30166]
Journal Article 2002 Collins, M. J. The survival of organic matter in bone: a review Archaeometry [Collins, 2002 #30152]
Journal Article 2002 Denys, C. Taphonomy and experimentation Archaeometry [Denys, 2002 #30149]
Journal Article 2002 Fernández-Jalvo, Y. Morphological taphonomic transformations of fossil bones in continental environments, and repercussions on their chemical composition Archaeometry [Fernández-Jalvo, 2002 #30137]
Journal Article 2002 Jans, M. M. E. In situ preservation of archaeological bone: a histological study within a multidisciplinary approach Archaeometry [Jans, 2002 #30123]
Journal Article 2002 Lee-Thorp, J. Two decades of progress towards understanding fossilization processes and isotopic signals in calcified tissue minerals Archaeometry [Lee-Thorp, 2002 #30105]
Journal Article 2002 Reiche, I. The crystallinity of ancient bone and dentine: new insights by transmission electron microscopy Archaeometry [Reiche, 2002 #30078]