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Ref ID: 19610
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Tiauzon, Archie
Peterson, John
Robles, Emil Charles
Neri, Leee Anthony
Forestier, Hubert
Titton, Stefania
Manipon, Dante Ricardo
Fernando, Allan Gil
Mijares, Armand
Paz, Victor
Dizon, Eusebio
Title: Unfolding the technological production strategies of the large toolkits across Philippine Paleolithic sites with specific reference to northern Mindanao
Date: 2020
Source: Quaternary International
Abstract: For more than a half-century of research, the Philippine Paleolithic toolmaking has shown the persistence of the small-based flake tools. The bulk of the evidence comes from the excavation in caves and rock shelters. This paper presents the discovered open-sites in northern Mindanao that have large stone artifacts such as choppers and picks. These tools were produced with direct percussion on hard hammer initiated by wedge-flaking. Locally available cobble-sized materials were reduced with very low intensity led to the provisioning of the various tool forms. They are equipped with multiple functional edges trimmed as convex pointed and straight, intended for the heavy-duty tasks. The assemblage bears a striking resemblance to the core tools found in the Cagayan Valley Open Sites and to the well-known Paleolithic sites throughout Island Southeast Asia. This paper examines and describes the production sequences of the large stone tools as well as behavioral patterns in the reduction process.
Volume: 535
Page Start: 69
Page End: 87