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Journal Article 2018 Acabado, Stephen Zones of refuge: Resisting conquest in the northern Philippine highlands through environmental practice Journal of Anthropological Archaeology [Acabado, 2018 #26726]
Book Section in a Series 1986 Andersen, Søren Munk The need of central water management in irrigation systems Rice societies: Asian problems and prospects [Andersen, 1986 #26329]
Book Section in a Series 1999 Bacus, Elisabeth A. Prestige and potency: political economies of protohistoric Visayan polities Complex polities in the ancient tropical world [Bacus, 1999 #26156]
Journal Article 1996 Bacus, Elisabeth A. Political economy and interaction among late prehistoric polities in the central Philippines: current research in the Dumaguete-Bacong area of southeastern Negros Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Bacus, 1996 #34886]
Journal Article 2000 Bacus, Elisabeth A. Political economy and interaction: archaeological investigations of the Dumaguete polity in the central Philippine islands Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Bacus, 2000 #35200]
Book Section in a Series 1992 Barker, Alex W. Powhatan's Pursestrings: On the Meaning of Surplus in a Seventeenth Century Algonkian Chiefdom Lords of the Southeast: Social Inequality and the Native Elites of Southeastern North America [Barker, 1992 #25255]
Book 1984 Barrett Jones, Antoinette M. Early tenth century Java from the inscriptions: a study of economic, social and administrative conditions in the first quarter of the century [Barrett 1984 #21105]
Journal Article 2007 Bauer, Andrew M. Toward a political ecology in early South India: preliminary considerations of the sociopolitics of land and animal use in the southern Deccan, Neolithic through Early Historic periods Asian Perspectives (2007) [Bauer, 2007 #29999]
Journal Article 2018 Bellina, B. The elaboration of political models in maritime Southeast Asia and pan-regional culture: contribution from Khao Sek stone ornament craft system study Archaeological Research in Asia [Bellina, 2018 #26771]
Journal Article 1980 Bellwood, Peter Trade patterns and political developments in Brunei and adjacent areas, A.D. 700-1500 Brunei Museum Journal [Bellwood, 1980 #30218]
Journal Article 1996 Blanton, Richard E. A dual-processual theory for the evolution of Mesoamerican civilization Current Anthropology [Blanton, 1996 #29825]
Book 1995 Brocheux, Pierre The Mekong Delta: ecology, economy, and revolution, 1960-1960 [Brocheux, 1995 #20728]
Book Section 1989 Brown, James Allison The beginnings of pottery as an economic process What's new?: a closer look at the process of innovation [Brown, 1989 #23902]
Book 2018 Chew, Sing C. The Southeast Asia connection: trade and polities in the Eurasian world economy, 500 BC–AD 500 [Chew, 2018 #19733]
Book Section in a Series 1978 Condominas, Georges A few remarks about Thai political systems Natural Symbols in South East Asia [Condominas, 1978 #26326]
Book Section in a Series 2008 Culas, Christian Le nouveau marché hmong de Luang Prabang: étude de l'initiative économique locale et des réseaux des montagnards au Laos Recherches nouvelles sur le Laos [Culas, 2008 #25650]
Journal Article 2019 Daly, Patrick Archaeological evidence that a late 14th-century tsunami devastated the coast of northern Sumatra and redirected history PNAS [Daly, 2019 #18953]
Book Section 2012 Dove, Michael R. A political-ecological heritage of resource contest and conflict Routledge handbook of heritage in Asia [Dove, 2012 #22941]
Book 1997 Earle, T. K. How chiefs come to power: the political economy in prehistory [Earle, 1997 #20668]
Book (Edited) 1998 Feinman, Gary M. Archaic states [Feinman, 1998 #21510]
Book Section in a Series 1977 Forman, Shepard East Timor: exchange and political hierarchy at the time of the European discoveries Economic exchange and social interaction in Southeast Asia: perspectives from prehistory, history and ethnography [Forman, 1977 #26168]
Book 2008 Forsyth, Tim Forest guardians, forest destroyers: the politics of environmental knowledge in northern Thailand [Forsyth, 2008 #20098]
Journal Article 2008 Gallon, M. D. The political economy of iron in late prehistoric South India Antiquity [Gallon, 2008 #27849]
Journal Article 2002 Gibson, Thomas Review of <i>Raiding, Trading, and Feasting: The Political Economy of Philippine Chiefdoms</i> by Laura Lee Junker Journal of Asian Studies [Gibson, 2002 #27972]
Book in a Series 1989 Hagesteijn, Renée R. Circles of kings: political dynamics in early continental Southeast Asia [Hagesteijn, 1989 #21965]
Book Section in a Series 1986 Hagesteijn, Renée R. 'Trading places': political leadership in Southeast Asian early states Private politics: a multi-disciplinary approach to "Big-man" systems [Hagesteijn, 1986 #26273]
Book 1990 Hefner, Robert W. The political economy of mountain Java: an interpretive history [Hefner, 1990 #19892]
Journal Article 1996 Hirth, Kenneth G. Political economy and archaeology: perspectives on exchange and production Journal of Archaeological Research [Hirth, 1996 #28083]
Book Section in a Series 1991 Hüsken, Frans Power, property and parentage in a central Javanese village Cognation and social organization in Southeast Asia [Hüsken, 1991 #26263]
Book Section 2010 Junker, Laura Lee Food preparation and feasting in the household and political economy of pre-hispanic Philippine chiefdoms Inside ancient kitchens: new directions in the study of daily meals and feasts [Junker, 2010 #22603]