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Ref ID: 20728
Ref Type: Book
Authors: Brocheux, Pierre
Title: The Mekong Delta: ecology, economy, and revolution, 1960-1960
Date: 1995
Place of Publication: Madison
Publisher: Center for Southeast Asian Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Language: English
Notes: Description: Mining a wealth of archival sources in France and Vietnam, Dr. Brocheux constructs a fascinating picture of how French capital and technology transformed the Mekong Delta. By draining the swamps and encouraging a particular pattern of Vietnamese settlement, the French cultivated a society bound together by lines of credit and poised at the brink of social revolution. From the cutting of the first canals in the 1880s to the eruption of the Viet Cong's insurgency in the 1950s, this book illuminates the subtle interactions between ecology and social change in a tropical delta.
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