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Journal Article 1995 Wood, Moira An archaeological assessment at Don Dong Muang, northeast Thailand Journal of the Siam Society [Wood, 1995 #36690]
Journal Article 1995 Harris, David Early agriculture in New Guinea and the Torres Strait divide Antiquity [Harris, 1995 #26780]
Journal Article 1995 Hope, Geoff Late Quaternary change in the mountains of New Guinea Antiquity [Hope, 1995 #26779]
Journal Article 1995 Maloney, B. K. A brief reinterpretation of the pollen record from Khok Phanom Di, central Thailand, and its archaeological significance Antiquity [Maloney, 1995 #26803]
Journal Article 1995 Yen, D. E. The development of Sahul agriculture with Australia as bystander Antiquity [Yen, 1995 #26791]
Thesis 1995 Lorrillard, Michel Les chroniques royales du Laos: essai d'une chronologie des règnes des souverains lao (1316-1887) [Lorrillard, 1995 #36267]
Journal Article 1995 van der Kaars, W. A. A 135,000-year record of vegetational and climatic change from the Bandung area, West-Java, Indonesia Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology [van 1995 #27685]
Book 1995 Storm, P. The evolutionary significance of the Wajak skulls [Storm, 1995 #19800]
Book 1995 Bandem, I. Madé Balinese dance in transition: kaja and kelod [Bandem, 1995 #19920]
Book 1995 Carter, John Ross On understanding Buddhists: essays on the Theravāda tradition in Sri Lanka Bibliotheca Indo-Buddhica [Carter, 1995 #19914]
Book 1995 Shaffer, Lynda Norene Maritime Southeast Asia, 300 B.C. to A.D. 1528 Sources and Studies in World History [Shaffer, 1995 #19950]
Book 1995 Howell, Carol L. A practical guide to archaeological photography Archaeological research tools [Howell, 1995 #19988]
Book Section 1995 Moore, Elizabeth H. The development of water management techniques in Northeast Thailand before 1500 AD La Thaïlande des débuts de son histoire jusqu’au XVème siècle: 18-24 juillet 1988, Université Silpakorn [Moore, 1995 #22628]
Journal Article 1995 Budd, P. The possible fractionation of lead isotopes in ancient metallurgical processes Archaeometry [Budd, 1995 #28070]
Book in a Series 1995 Fletcher, Roland The limits of settlement growth: a theoretical outline [Fletcher, 1995 #21666]
Book 1995 Villareal, F. William L. Philippine prehistoric gold bead catalogue [Villareal, 1995 #20009]
Book 1995 Wan, Anyie Beads in the Sarawak museum [Wan, 1995 #20008]
Magazine Article 1995 Francis, Peter Jr. Bead report: mutisalah Ornament [Francis, 1995 #36033]
Book Section 1995 Brill, Robert H. Chemical analyses of some Asian glasses Proceeding of the XVIIth International Congress on Glass [Brill, 1995 #22742]
Thesis 1995 O'Reilly, Dougald J. W. An archaeological analysis of the initial occupation phase at Nong Nor, Thailand Archaeology [O'Reilly, 1995 #36323]
Journal Article 1995 Taylor, Keith Perceptions of encounter in Shui Ching Chu 37 Asia Journal [Taylor, 1995 #28225]
Journal Article 1995 Yunnansheng Bowugun, Yunnan Jianchuan Haimenkou Qingtongqi shidai zaoqi yizhi (the early bronze age site at Haimenkou in Jianchuan county) Kaogu [Yunnansheng 1995 #28322]
Book 1995 Zhu, Fenghan Gudai Zhongguo qingtongqi [Zhu, 1995 #20037]
Book Section 1995 Erdosy, George The prelude to urbanization: ethnicity and the rise of late Vedic chiefdoms The archaeology of early historic South Asia: the emergence of cities and states [Erdosy, 1995 #22867]
Thesis 1995 Grave, Peter Roper The shift to Commodity: A Study of Ceramic Production and Upland-Lowland Interaction in Northwestern Thailand 1000-1650 AD [Grave, 1995 #36340]
Journal Article 1995 Wu, Haoruo The Changning-Menglian suture zone Tectonophysics [Wu, 1995 #28386]
Journal Article 1995 Chung, Sun-Lin Plume-lithosphere interaction in generation of the Emeishan flood basalts at the Permian-Triassic boundary Geology [Chung, 1995 #28442]
Journal Article 1995 Battail, B. New data on the continental Upper Permian in the area of Luang-Prabang, Laos Journal of Geology [Battail, 1995 #28446]
Journal Article 1995 Farrant, Andrew R. Long-term quaternary uplift rates inferred from limestone caves in Sarawak, Malaysia Geology [Farrant, 1995 #28505]
Journal Article 1995 Maloney, Bernard Kevin Evidence for the Younger Dryas climatic event in Southeast Asia Quaternary Science Reviews [Maloney, 1995 #28587]