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Journal Article 2020 Amano, Noel Archaeological and historical insights into the ecological impacts of pre-colonial and colonial introductions into the Philippine Archipelago The Holocene [Amano, 2020 #36814]
Journal Article 2004 Anshari, Gusti Environmental change and peatland forest dynamics in the Lake Sentarum area, West Kalimantan, Indonesia Journal of Quaternary Science [Anshari, 2004 #28536]
Book 1993 Arnold, Dean E. Ecology and ceramic production in an Andean community [Arnold, 1993 #20283]
Journal Article 1975 Arnold, Dean E. Ceramic ecology of the Ayacucho Basin, Peru: implications for prehistory Current Anthropology [Arnold, 1975 #28983]
Journal Article 1998 Aswani, Shankar The Tongan maritime expansion: a case in the evolutionary ecology of social complexity Asian Perspectives (1998) [Aswani, 1998 #32786]
Journal Article 2018 Bacon, Anne-Marie A rhinocerotid-dominated megafauna at the MIS6-5 transition: the late Middle Pleistocene Coc Muoi assemblage, Lang Son province, Vietnam Quaternary Science Reviews [Bacon, 2018 #26618]
Journal Article 2015 Bacon, Anne-Marie Late Pleistocene mammalian assemblages of Southeast Asia: new dating, mortality profiles and evolution of the predator–prey relationships in an environmental context Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology [Bacon, 2015 #27758]
Journal Article 1962 Baker, Paul T. The application of ecological theory in anthropology American Anthropologist [Baker, 1962 #34797]
Journal Article 1997 Bocherens, Hervé Comments on: diet, physiology and ecology of fossil mammals as inferred from stable carbon and nitrogen isotope biogeochemistry: implications for Pleistocene bear by Bocherens et al Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology [Bocherens, 1997 #34780]
Book 1995 Brocheux, Pierre The Mekong Delta: ecology, economy, and revolution, 1960-1960 [Brocheux, 1995 #20728]
Book Section 1996 Brown, Peter J. Disease, ecology, and human behavior Medical anthropology: a handbook of theory and method [Brown, 1996 #24637]
Journal Article 2010 Bubpha, Sureeratana An ethnoarchaeology of ceramic ecology Thammasat University Journal [Bubpha, 2010 #28940]
Thesis 2001 Bubpha, Sureeratana The ethnoarchaeological study of ceramic ecology at Ban Hua Bueng, Khon Kaen Province Department of Archaeology [Bubpha, 2001 #36361]
Book Section in a Series 2013 Bulbeck, David Sacred places in Ussu and Cerekang, south Sulawesi, Indonesia: their history, ecology, and pre-Islamic relation with the Bugis kingdom of Luwuq Transcending the culture-nature divide in cultural heritage: views from the Asia-Pacific region [Bulbeck, 2013 #25387]
Book Section 2009 Ceron, Ma. Jasminda Liza R. The wooden posts of Opol church ruins, Misamis Oriental Proceedings of the Society of Philippine Archaeologists [Ceron, 2009 #22709]
Book Section 2007 Chaimanee, Y. Late Pleistocene of Southeast Asia Encyclopedia of quaternary science [Chaimanee, 2007 #23421]
Book Section in a Series 2014 Chase, Arlen F. Tropical Landscapes and the Ancient Maya: Diversity in Time and Space The Resilience and Vulnerability of Ancient Landscapes: Transforming Maya Archaeology through IHOPE [Chase, 2014 #25205]
Journal Article 1964 Coe, Michael D. Microenvironments and Mesoamerican Prehistory Science Magazine [Coe, 1964 #28853]
Book Section 1994 Crumley, Carole L. Historical ecology: a multidimensional ecological orientation Historical ecology: cultural knowledge and changing landscapes [Crumley, 1994 #24575]
Journal Article 1981 Dewar, Robert Ecological context and the prehistory of the West Central Taiwan coast Asian Perspectives (1978) [Dewar, 1981 #33111]
Journal Article 2000 Ding, Z. L. C<sub>3</sub> /C<sub>4</sub> vegetation evolution over the last 7.0 Myr in the Chinese Loess Plateau: evidence from pedogenic carbonate delta<sup>13</sup>C Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology [Ding, 2000 #34382]
Book 1967 Dobby, Earnest Henry George Southeast Asia [Dobby, 1967 #21119]
Journal Article 1946 Dobby, Ernest Henry George Some aspects of the human ecology of South-East Asia Geographical Journal [Dobby, 1946 #27901]
Book Section in a Series 2005 Douglas, Ian The Mekong river basin The physical geography of Southeast Asia [Douglas, 2005 #25740]
Journal Article 2000 Edwards, T. W. D. delta<sup>13</sup>C response surface resolves humidity and temperature signals in trees Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta [Edwards, 2000 #34379]
Journal Article 1986 Ehleringer, J. R. Leaf carbon isotope and mineral composition in subtropical plants along an irradiance cline Oecologia [Ehleringer, 1986 #26606]
Journal Article 1987 Ehleringer, J. R. Leaf carbon isotope ratios of plants from a subtropical monsoon forest Oecologia [Ehleringer, 1987 #26607]
Book Section 1989 Engelhardt, Richard A., Jr. Forest-gatherers and strand-loopers: econiche specialization in Thailand Culture and environment in Thailand [Engelhardt, 1989 #24659]
Journal Article 2010 Enters, Thomas Review of "Thai Forestry: a critical history," by Ann Danaiya Usher Journal of the Siam Society [Enters, 2010 #28804]
Journal Article 1985 Erickson, Jonathon E. Strontium isotope characterization in the study of prehistoric human ecology Journal of Human Evolution [Erickson, 1985 #34720]