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Journal Article 1938 Morris, T. O. Copper and bronze antiquities from Burma Journal of the Burma Research Society [Morris, 1938 #29198]
Book Section in a Series 1951 Voce, E. Examination of specimens from the Pitt Rivers Museum Notes on the prehistoric metallurgy of copper and bronze in the Old World [Voce, 1951 #25756]
Book in a Series 1960 Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East, United Nations Copper, lead, and zinc ore resources of Asia and the Far East [Economic 1960 #21713]
Journal Article 1964 Wertime, T. A. Man's first encounters with metallurgy Science [Wertime, 1964 #33755]
Journal Article 1969 Bhardwaj, H. C. Copper red glasses through the ages Puratattva [Bhardwaj, 1969 #29943]
Book 1971 Agrawal, D. P. The copper bronze age in India: an integrated archaeological study of the copper bronze age in India in the light of chronological, technological, and ecological factors, ca. 3000-500 B.C. [Agrawal, 1971 #19868]
Journal Article 1971 Agrawal, D. P. The copper hoards problem: a technological angle Asian Perspectives (1969) [Agrawal, 1971 #33315]
Book in a Series 1973 Yamniyom, Sutham Detailed geochemical investigation on the copper resource of Phu Lon [Yamniyom, 1973 #21743]
Journal Article 1975 Cooke, S. R. B. The occurrence of metallic iron in ancient copper Journal of Field Archaeology [Cooke, 1975 #29837]
Book Section 1978 Zafar, M. Geochemistry of co-existing minerals of host rocks of copper ores, Khetri copper belt, Rajasthan, India Proceedings of the Third Regional Conference on Geology and Mineral Resources of Southeast Asia [Zafar, 1978 #23059]
Book Section 1978 Young, R. D. The Tangse copper-molybdenum prospect, northern Sumatra Proceedings of the Third Regional Conference on Geology and Mineral Resources of Southeast Asia [Young, 1978 #23060]
Journal Article 1978 Benfer, R. A. Mineral analysis of ancient Peruvian hair American Journal of Physical Anthropology [Benfer, 1978 #34788]
Journal Article 1979 Craddock, P. The copper alloys of the medieval Islamic world - inheritors of the classical tradition World Archaeology [Craddock, 1979 #29793]
Journal Article 1980 Rostoker, William The carbon reduction of fully oxidized chalcopyrite (copper) ores Journal of the Historical Metallurgy Society [Rostoker, 1980 #29725]
Journal Article 1982 Gale, Noël H. Bronze age copper sources in the Mediterranean: a new approach Science [Gale, 1982 #26602]
Book Section 1984 Weisgerber, Gerd Makan and Meluhha - third millennium BC copper production in Oman and the evidence of contact with the Indus Valley South Asian Archaeology 1981. Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference of the Association of South Asian Archaeologists in Western Europe Held in Cambridge University 5-10 July 1981 [Weisgerber, 1984 #23351]
Book Section in a Series 1985 Zwicker, U. Smelting, refining and alloying of copper and copper alloys in crucible furnaces during prehistoric up to Roman times Furnaces and smelting technology in antiquity [Zwicker, 1985 #25751]
Journal Article 1986 Gwinnet, A. J. The change from stone drills to copper drills in Bronze Age Mesopotamia: an experimental perspective Expedition [Gwinnet, 1986 #29619]
Journal Article 1986 Wagner, Donald B., ed. Ancient Chinese copper smelting, sixth century BC: recent excavations and simulation experiments Journal of the Historical Metallurgy Society [Wagner, 1986 #29677]
Journal Article 1986 Schneider, K. N. Dental caries, enamel composition, and subsistence among prehistoric Amerindians of Ohio American Journal of Physical Anthropology [Schneider, 1986 #34531]
Journal Article 1987 Craddock, Paul T. Iron in ancient copper Archaeometry [Craddock, 1987 #29787]
Journal Article 1987 Byrne, K. B. Reconstruction of the diet of the Middle Woodland Amerindian population at Abbott Farm by bone trace-element analysis American Journal of Physical Anthropology [Byrne, 1987 #34768]
Thesis 1988 Bennett, Anne Copper metallurgy in central Thailand Institute of Archaeology [Bennett, 1988 #36391]
Journal Article 1988 Bennett, Anna Sources of copper and tin ores in prehistoric Thailand Jahrbuch des Romisch-Germanischen Zentralmuseums Mainz [Bennett, 1988 #37274]
Journal Article 1989 Iscan, M. Yasar Spectrographic analysis of trace elements in archaeological skeletal material from Florida: a preliminary report American Journal of Physical Anthropology [Iscan, 1989 #34650]
Journal Article 1989 Hisanaga, A. Variation of trace metals in ancient and contemporary Japanese bones Biological Trace Element Research [Hisanaga, 1989 #34663]
Journal Article 1989 Grupe, Giseka Trace elements in excavated human hair Zeitschrift für Morphologie und Anthropologie [Grupe, 1989 #34690]
Book Section in a Series 1990 Vernon, William W. New archaeometallurgical perspectives on the old copper industry of North America Archaeological geology of North America [Vernon, 1990 #25757]
Journal Article 1990 O'Brien, William Prehistoric copper mining in south-west Ireland: the Mount Gabriel-type mines Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society [O'Brien, 1990 #29759]
Book Section 1991 Glumac, Petar D. Neolithic copper smelting slags from the Middle Danube Basin Archaeometry '90 [Glumac, 1991 #23843]