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Journal Article 2011 Adachi, Noboru Mitochondrial DNA analysis of Hokkaido Jomon skeletons: remnants of archaic maternal lineages at the southwestern edge of former Beringia American Journal of Physical Anthropology [Adachi, 2011 #27724]
Book 1982 Aikens, C. Melvin Prehistory of Japan [Aikens, 1982 #20788]
Journal Article 2010 Aikens, C. Melvin Environment, ecology, and interaction in Japan, Korea, and the Russian far east: the millennial history of a Japan Sea Oikumene Asian Perspectives (2009) [Aikens, 2010 #28459]
Journal Article 2001 Aikens, C. Melvin Review of "Ruins of Identity: ethnogenesis in the Japanese Islands" by Mark Hudson Asian Perspectives (2000) [Aikens, 2001 #32745]
Journal Article 1998 Aikens, C. Melvin Review of "Prehistoric Japan: new perspectives on insular east Asia" by Keiji Imamura Asian Perspectives (1998) [Aikens, 1998 #32782]
Book Section in a Series 1982 Akazawa, Takeru Cultural change in prehistoric Japan: receptivity to rice agriculture in the Japanese archipelago Advances in world archaeology [Akazawa, 1982 #25877]
Journal Article 2008 Anderson, Atholl Edge-ground and waisted axes in the western Pacific Islands: implications for an example from the Yaeyama Islands, southernmost Japan Asian Perspectives (2008) [Anderson, 2008 #29412]
Journal Article 2000 Aoki, Kenichi Hanihara's conundrum revisitied: theoretical estimates of the immigration into Japan during the 1,000 year period from 300 B.C. to A.D. 700 Anthropological Science [Aoki, 2000 #31975]
Journal Article 1929 Aomi-no Mabito Genkai, Le voyage de Kanshin en Orient (742-754) Bulletin de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient [Aomi-no 1929 #27142]
Journal Article 1928 Aomi-no Mabito Genkai, Le voyage de Kanshin en Orient (742-754) Bulletin de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient [Aomi-no 1928 #27145]
Journal Article 1928 Aomi-no Mabito Genkai, Le voyage de Kanshin en Orient (742-754) Bulletin de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient [Aomi-no 1928 #27150]
Book Section in a Series 2001 Bakken, Deborah East Asian Middle Paleolithic Encyclopedia of prehistory: East Asia and Oceania [Bakken, 2001 #25919]
Book Section 1997 Bamforth, Douglas B. Technology, flaked stone technology, and risk Rediscovering Darwin: evolutionary theory and archeological explanation [Bamforth, 1997 #22150]
BAR Book 1993 Barnes, Gina L. The Miwa project: surveys, coring and excavation at the Miwa site, Nara, Japan [Barnes, 1993 #19634]
Journal Article 2017 Barnes, Gina L. The search for tsunami evidence in the geological and archaeological records, with a focus on Japan Asian Perspectives [Barnes, 2017 #26928]
Book 1983 Barnes, Gina Lee China, Korea, and Japan: the rise of civilization in East Asia [Barnes, 1983 #20760]
Journal Article 1979 Barnes, Gina Lee The Yamato state: steps toward a developmental understanding Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Barnes, 1979 #35765]
Journal Article 1962 Befu, Harumi Introduction to the archaeology of Japan - a research guide Asian Perspectives (1961) [Befu, 1962 #33567]
Journal Article 1905 Berthelot, Philippe Notes sur les résultats scientifiques d'une mission diplomatique en Chine Bulletin de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient [Berthelot, 1905 #27444]
Book 1973 Blair, D. A history of glass in Japan [Blair, 1973 #20744]
Journal Article 2002 Bleed, Peter Cheap, Regular, and Reliable: Implications of Design Variation in Late Pleistocene Japanese Microblade Technology Thinking Small: Global Perspectives on Microlithization [Bleed, 2002 #19031]
Journal Article 1978 Bleed, Peter Origins of the Jomon technical tradition Asian Perspectives (1976) [Bleed, 1978 #33151]
Journal Article 2001 Bleed, Peter A nice place to live and work: community structure at Yagi Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Bleed, 2001 #34047]
Journal Article 1975 Blundell, Valda Morlan Ground stone artifacts from Late Pleistocene and Early Holocene Japan Oceania [Blundell, 1975 #29931]
Book Section 1995 Brill, Robert H. Chemical analyses of some Asian glasses Proceeding of the XVIIth International Congress on Glass [Brill, 1995 #22742]
Book Section 1926 Brown, J. McMillan The relationship of the Polynesians and their language to Japan Proceedings of the third Pan-Pacific Science Congress, Tokyo, October 30th-November 11th, 1926 [Brown, 1926 #22535]
Book Section 1999 Brown, P. The first modern east Asians? Another look at Upper Cave 101, Liujiang, and Minatogawa 1 Interdisciplinary perspectives on the origins of the Japanese [Brown, 1999 #22381]
Book 1935 Caron, François A true description of the mighty kingdoms of Japan & Siam [Caron, 1935 #20732]
Journal Article 1980 Casteel, Richard W. Estimated Ainu population density on the Island of Hokkaido: a test of the P<sub>max(2)</sub> model Asian Perspectives (1978) [Casteel, 1980 #33123]
Journal Article 1978 Chew, J. J. The prehistory of the Japanese language in the light of evidence from the structures of Japanese and Korean Asian Perspectives (1976) [Chew, 1978 #33143]