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Ref ID: 34047
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Bleed, Peter
Weymouth, John
Bennett, Connie
Title: A nice place to live and work: community structure at Yagi
Date: 2001
Source: Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association
Notes: Indo-Pacific prehistory: the Melaka papers, Vol. 5
Abstract: The early Jomon community that was based at Yagi on the Pacific shore of southwestern Hokkaido had access to a wide array of rick natural resources, but a limited number of spaces suitable for habitation. In addition to creating distinctive cultural and ecofactual assemblages, these conditions impacted the distribution of features across the Yagi site. This paper discusses the structure of the Yagi site in light of the community's reconstructed subsistence technology and the results of both excavation and magnetic surveys.
Date Created: 1/9/2002
Volume: 21
Page Start: 3
Page End: 8