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Journal Article 2021 Fochesato, Mattia Changing social inequality from first farmers to early states in Southeast Asia PNAS [Fochesato, 2021 #37261]
Journal Article 2021 Larena, Maximilian Multiple migrations to the Philippines during the last 50,000 years PNAS [Larena, 2021 #37134]
Journal Article 2021 Cai, Shuhui Archaeomagnetic results from Cambodia in Southeast Asia: evidence for possible low-latitude flux expulsion PNAS [Cai, 2021 #36969]
Journal Article 2021 Sun, Xue-feng Ancient DNA and multimethod dating confirm the late arrival of anatomically modern humans in southern China PNAS [Sun, 2021 #36966]
Journal Article 2020 Ma, Ting Holocene coastal evolution preceded the expansion of paddy field rice farming PNAS [Ma, 2020 #36842]
Journal Article 2019 Penny, Dan Geoarchaeological evidence from Angkor, Cambodia, reveals a gradual decline rather than a catastrophic 15th-century collapse PNAS [Penny, 2019 #36839]
Journal Article 2019 Carter, Alison K. Temple occupation and the tempo of collapse at Angkor Wat, Cambodia PNAS [Carter, 2019 #18956]
Journal Article 2019 Daly, Patrick Archaeological evidence that a late 14th-century tsunami devastated the coast of northern Sumatra and redirected history PNAS [Daly, 2019 #18953]
Journal Article 2019 Teixeira, João C. Using hominin introgression to trace modern human dispersals PNAS [Teixeira, 2019 #18942]
Journal Article 2017 Venkataraman, Vivek V. Hunter-gatherer residential mobility and the marginal value of rainforest patches PNAS [Venkataraman, 2017 #27386]
Journal Article 2016 Crowther, Alison Ancient crops provide first archaeological signature of the westward Austronesian expansion PNAS [Crowther, 2016 #27631]
Journal Article 2007 H. Shang, An early modern human from Tianyuan cave, Zhoukoudian, China PNAS [H. 2007 #27712]
Journal Article 2012 Demeter, Fabrice Reply to Pierret et al. PNAS [Demeter, 2012 #27756]
Journal Article 2011 Gignoux, C. F. Rapid, global demographic expansions after the origins of agriculture PNAS [Gignoux, 2011 #27847]
Journal Article 2008 Gordon, Adam D. The <i>Homo floresiensis</i> cranium (LB1): size scaling and early <i>Homo</i> affinities PNAS [Gordon, 2008 #27846]
Journal Article 2013 Evans, Damian H. Uncovering archaeological landscapes at Angkor using lidar PNAS [Evans, 2013 #27974]
Journal Article 2012 Day, Mary Beth Paleonvironmental history of the West Baray, Angkor (Cambodia) PNAS [Day, 2012 #28085]
Journal Article 2012 Pierret, Alain Irreconcilable differences between stratigraphy and direct dating cast doubts upon the status of Tam Pa Ling fossil PNAS [Pierret, 2012 #28251]
Journal Article 2012 Demeter, Fabrice Anatomically modern human in Southeast Asia (Laos) by 46 ka PNAS [Demeter, 2012 #28300]
Journal Article 2001 Wells, R. Spencer The Eurasian heartland: a continental perspective on Y-chromosome diversity PNAS [Wells, 2001 #28612]
Journal Article 2011 Asano, Kenji Artificial selection for a green revolution gene during <i>japonica</i> rice domestication PNAS [Asano, 2011 #28623]
Journal Article 2010 Larson, Gregor Patterns of East Asian pig domestication, migration, and turnover revealed by modern and ancient DNA PNAS [Larson, 2010 #28636]
Journal Article 2010 Buckley, Brendan M. Climate as a contributing factor in the demise of Angkor, Cambodia PNAS [Buckley, 2010 #28646]
Journal Article 2009 McGovern, Patrick E. Ancient Egyptian herbal wines PNAS [McGovern, 2009 #28764]
Journal Article 2010 Wurster, Christopher M. Forest contraction in north equatorial Southeast Asia during the Last Glacial Period PNAS [Wurster, 2010 #28841]
Journal Article 2007 Larson, Greger Phylogeny and ancient DNA of <i>Sus</i> provides insights into neolithic expansion in island Southeast Asia and Oceania PNAS [Larson, 2007 #29278]
Journal Article 2007 Hung, H.-C Ancient jades map 3000 years of prehistoric exchange in Southeast Asia PNAS [Hung, 2007 #29596]
Journal Article 2007 Evans, Damien A comprehensive archaeological map of the world's largest preindustrial settlement complex at Angkor, Cambodia PNAS [Evans, 2007 #29601]
Journal Article 2006 Londo, Jason P. Phylogeography of Asian wild rice, Oryza rufipogon, reveals multiple independent domestications of cultivated rice, Oryza sativa PNAS [Londo, 2006 #29746]
Journal Article 2006 Drennan, Robert D. Patterned variation in prehistoric chiefdoms PNAS [Drennan, 2006 #30143]