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Ref ID: 37253
Ref Type: Thesis-PhD
Authors: Aung, Tin Htut
Title: Lithic technology and typology from hunter-gatherer sites in Myanmar with special reference to central belt and western fringe of Shan plateau
Date: 2018
Abstract: Prehistoric hunter-gatherer communities in central belt and western fringe of Shan plateau raise questions related to lithic technology and typology. Both former and recent studies attempt to explore the behavioural pattern of the communities, but they often synthesis the lithic technology as a whole technological trend rather than their own distinctive characters. Subsequently, it often generates the confusion of chopper-chopping too culture in central belt and pebble tool culture in Shan plateau. Thus, the core research question addresses various aspects of lithic technology questioning why the whole lithic technological trend has no uniformity in the basic geographical unit. Following research questions are investigated in this study:
Research question 1: How lithic technology and typology of forager communities in Myanmar have changed over time?
Research question 2: What are the main indicators of the culture?
Research Question 3: How this technology can contribute to what extent in local and regional scale?
Department: Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences; Okayama University
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