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Thesis-PhD 2018 Aung, Tin Htut Lithic technology and typology from hunter-gatherer sites in Myanmar with special reference to central belt and western fringe of Shan plateau [Aung, 2018 #37253]
Thesis-PhD 2006 Onsuwan Eyre, Chureekamol Prehistoric and proto-historic communities in the eastern Upper Chao Phraya River Valley, Thailand: analysis of site chronology, settlement patterns, and land use [Onsuwan 2006 #37240]
Thesis-PhD 2022 McAdams, Conor New insights into the Pleistocene archaeology of North Vietnam: understanding tropical cave sediments through microstratigraphic investigations and geo-ethnoarchaeological experiments [McAdams, 2022 #37004]
Thesis-PhD 2016 Vadillo, Veronica Walker The fluvial landscape of Angkor: an integrated study PhD Dissertation [Vadillo, 2016 #36668]
Thesis-PhD 1989 Leth, Anna Lindebo En analyse af Ban Kao kulturens bopladskeramik på basis af materiale fra Bang og Lüe pladserne med en vurdering af keramikkens relationer til samtidige kulturer i Sydøstasien i almindelighed og Thailand i særdeleshed [Leth, 1989 #36490]
Thesis-PhD 1972 Kotani, Yoshinobu Economic bases during the later Jomon periods in Kyushu, Japan: a reconsideration. [Kotani, 1972 #36491]
Thesis-PhD 2008 Chang, Kuang-Jen Social use and value of trade ceramics: an analysis of mortuary practices in Calatagan, southwest Luzon, the Philippines [Chang, 2008 #36492]
Thesis-PhD 1977 Kennedy, Jean Isabel A course toward diversity: economic interaction and cultural differentiation in prehistoric mainland Southeast Asia [Kennedy, 1977 #36493]
Thesis-PhD 1980 Holmgren, J. Chinese colonisation of Northern Vietnam: administrative geography and political development in the Tongking Delta, first to sixth centuries A.D. [Holmgren, 1980 #36494]
Thesis-PhD 1972 Glover, I. Excavations in Timor: a study of economic change and cultural continuity in prehistory [Glover, 1972 #36495]
Thesis-PhD 2007 Rizvi, Uzma Z. Configuring the space in between: redefining the Ganeshwar Jodhpura cultural complex in northeastern Rajasthan, India [Rizvi, 2007 #36496]
Thesis-PhD 1977 Feldman, J. A. The architecture of Nias, Indonesia with special reference to Bawomataluo village [Feldman, 1977 #36497]
Thesis-PhD 1987 Errington, E. The Western discovery of the art of Gandhara and finds of Jamalgastu [Errington, 1987 #36498]
Thesis-PhD 1991 Glumac, Petar D. The advent of metallurgy in prehistoric southeast Europe [Glumac, 1991 #36499]
Thesis-PhD 1993 Epstein, Stephen M. Cultural choice and technological consequences: constraint of innovation in the late prehistoric copper smelting industry of Cerro Huaringa, Peru [Epstein, 1993 #36500]
Thesis-PhD 1977 Dewar, R. E. Archaeology as ecological anthropology in central Taiwan [Dewar, 1977 #36501]
Thesis-PhD D'Andrea, Catherine A. Palaeoethnobotany of Later Jomon and Early Yayoi cultures in northeastern Japan: northeastern Aomori and southwestern Hokkaido [D'Andrea, #36503]
Thesis-PhD 1972 Davison, C. C. Glass beads in African archaeology: results of neutron activation analysis, supplemented by results of X-ray fluorescence analysis [Davison, 1972 #36502]
Thesis-PhD 1994 Coningham, R. A. E. Urban texts: an interpretation of the architectural, textual and artefactual records of an early historic city [Coningham, 1994 #36504]
Thesis-PhD 1934 Cockrell, R. A. An anatomical structure of eighty Sumatran woods [Cockrell, 1934 #36505]
Thesis-PhD 2002 Bellina, Bérénice Témoignages archéologiques d'échanges entre l'Inde et l'Asie du Sud-Est: morphologie, morphométrie et techniques de fabrication des perles en agate et en cornaline (VIe siècle avant notre ère-VIe siècle de notre ère) [Bellina, 2002 #36506]
Thesis-PhD 1991 Basa, K. K. The westerly trade of Southeast Asia from c. 400 BC to c. AD 500 with special reference to glass beads [Basa, 1991 #36507]
Thesis-PhD 1991 Ardika, I. W. Archaeological research in northeastern Bali, Indonesia [Ardika, 1991 #36508]
Thesis-PhD 2003 Beck, Margaret Elizabeth Ceramic deposition and midden formation in Kalinga, Philippines [Beck, 2003 #36536]
Thesis-PhD 1982 Bentley, George Carter Law disputing and ethnicity in Lanao, Phillipines [Bentley, 1982 #36535]
Thesis-PhD 2005 Bollt, Robert J. Peva: The archaeology of a valley on Rurutu, Austral Islands, East Polynesia [Bollt, 2005 #36534]
Thesis-PhD 1994 Chirapravati, Pattaratorn The cult of votive tablets in Thailand (sixth to thirteenth centuries) [Chirapravati, 1994 #36533]
Thesis-PhD 1966 Dentan, Robert K. Some Senoi Semai dietary restrictions: a study of food behavior in a Malayan hill tribe [Dentan, 1966 #36532]
Thesis-PhD 2004 Durband, Arthur C. A test of the multiregional hypothesis of modern human origins using basicranial evidence from Indonesia and Australia ({\i Homo erectus}) [Durband, 2004 #36531]
Thesis-PhD 1976 Fogg, Wayne H. Setaria italica: its origins and process of cereal domestication in Asia [Fogg, 1976 #36530]