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Ref ID: 37225
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Kim, Nam C.
Trinh, Hiep H.
Quick, Russell
Thuy, Vo Thi Phuong
Title: Co Loa: biography of an anomalous place
Date: 2023
Source: Journal of Urban Archaeology
DOI: 10.1484/J.JUA.5.133450
Abstract: Situated in present-day Vietnam’s Red River Valley, the settlement known as Co Loa constitutes an early form of city and urbanism in South-East Asia. Given its unprecedented scale and forms of monumentality, Co Loa stands as an anomaly for the greater region during the first millennium bc. This paper presents available material data to highlight the factors and conditions that contributed to its emergence as a major settlement during the region’s late prehistoric period, and considers how the case can contribute to the theoretical literature concerning long-term trajectories of settlement change in the region.
Volume: 7
Page Start: 51
Page End: 76