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Journal Article 2023 Kim, Nam C. Co Loa: biography of an anomalous place Journal of Urban Archaeology [Kim, 2023 #37225]
Journal Article 2021 Carter, Alison Kyra The evolution of agro-urbanism: a case study from Angkor, Cambodia Journal of Anthropological Archaeology [Carter, 2021 #37201]
Journal Article January 2022 Leadbetter, Michael Paul The fluid city, urbanism as process World Archaeology [Leadbetter, January 2022 #37076]
Book Section 2022 Fletcher, Roland Angkor: a provisional map history of Greater Angkor from ancestry to transformation The Oxford Handbook of Early Southeast Asia [Fletcher, 2022 #37044]
Journal Article 1990 O'Connor, Richard A. Place, power and discourse in the Thai image of Bangkok Journal of the Siam Society [O'Connor, 1990 #36718]
Journal Article 2019 Lin, Kuei-chen On craft production and the settlement pattern of the Jinsha Site Cluster on the Chengdu Plain Asian Perspectives [Lin, 2019 #18968]
Book Section in a Series 1999 Graham, Elizabeth Stone Cities, Green Cities Complex Polities in the Ancient Tropical World [Graham, 1999 #18924]
Book Section 2017 Goh, Geok Yian The history and practice of archaeology in Myanmar Handbook of East and Southeast Asian Archaeology [Goh, 2017 #22306]
Book Section 2017 Yao, Alice The Dian and Dong Son cultures Handbook of East and Southeast Asian Archaeology [Yao, 2017 #22297]
Book Section 2010 Lorrillard, Michel Vientane et le Mékong: situation de la ville dans l'espace régional et la longue durée Vientane, architectures d'une capitale [Lorrillard, 2010 #22314]
Book Section 2010 Lorrillard, Michel Vientane au regard de l'archéologie Vientane, architectures d'une capitale [Lorrillard, 2010 #22313]
Journal Article 2002 Gaucher, Jacques The 'City' of Angkor: what is it? Museum International [Gaucher, 2002 #26962]
Book Section in a Series 2017 Bellina, Bérénice The beginning of the urban narrative in South and Southeast Asia Khao Sam Kaeo: An Early Port-City between the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea [Bellina, 2017 #25350]
Book Section in a Series 2017 Bellina, Bérénice Conclusion Khao Sam Kaeo: An Early Port-City between the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea [Bellina, 2017 #25348]
Journal Article 2006 Pottier, Christophe Bakong, soixante ans après EurASEAA 2006, Bougon papers [Pottier, 2006 #27506]
Conference Paper 1978 Gorman, C. F. From domestication to urbanization: a Southeast Asian view of chronology, configuration and change Symposium on the Origin of Agriculture and Technology: West or East? [Gorman, 1978 #26412]
Electronic Source 2015 Sonnemann, Till F. Review of <i>Ideology, Identity, and the Construction of Urban Communities: The Archaeology of Kamphaeng Saen, Central Thailand (c. Fifth to Ninth Century CE)</i> by Matthew D. Gallon [Sonnemann, 2015 #26588]
Journal Article 2004 Gaucher, Jacques Angkor Thom, une utopie réalisée? Structuration de l’espace et modèle indien d’urbanisme dans le Cambodge ancien Arts Asiatiques [Gaucher, 2004 #27848]
Book 1983 O'Connor, Richard A theory of indigenous Southeast Asian urbanism Research notes and discussions paper [O'Connor, 1983 #19948]
Journal Article 1976 Winzeler, Robert L. Ecology, culture, social organization, and state formation in Southeast Asia [and comments and reply] Current Anthropology [Winzeler, 1976 #28022]
Journal Article 2004 Cowgill, George L. Origins and development of urbanism: archaeological perspectives Annual Review of Anthropology [Cowgill, 2004 #28019]
Journal Article 2014 Hawken, Scott Designs of kings and farmers: landscape systems of the Greater Angkor urban complex Asian Perspectives (2013) [Hawken, 2014 #28030]
Book in a Series 1995 Fletcher, Roland The limits of settlement growth: a theoretical outline [Fletcher, 1995 #21666]
Journal Article 2013 Kim, Nam C. Lasting monuments and durable institutions: labor, urbanism, and statehood in northern Vietnam and beyond Journal of Archaeological Research [Kim, 2013 #28230]
Thesis 2013 Gallon, Matt Ideology, identity and the construction of urban communities:the archaeology of Kamphaeng Saen, central Thailand (c. fifth to ninth century CE) Anthropology [Gallon, 2013 #36332]
Book Section 2012 Krech, Uwe Cultural and ethnic diversity in the Burma area, first millennium CE: a new look at the early urban settlements Connecting empires and states: selected papers from the 13th International Conference of the European Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists [Krech, 2012 #22811]
Journal Article 1985 Erdosy, George The origin of cities in the Ganges Valley Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient [Erdosy, 1985 #28364]
Book Section 2003 O'Connor, Richard A. From "fertility" to "order", paternalism to profits: the Thai city's impact on the culture-environment interface Founders' cults in Southeast Asia: ancestors, polity, and identity [O'Connor, 2003 #23234]
Book 1971 Wheatley, Paul The pivot of the four quarters: a preliminary enquiry into the origins and character of the ancient Chinese city [Wheatley, 1971 #20117]
Conference Paper 1994 Shuhaimi, Nik Hasan The evolution of pre-modern urbanised centres in the Malay Peninsula, c. 500 BC - 500 AD 15th Congress of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Shuhaimi, 1994 #26431]