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Ref ID: 37223
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Hoppál, Krisztina
Bellina, Bérénice
Dussubieux, Laure
Title: Southeast Asia and the Mediterranean world at the turn of the First Millennium CE: networks, commodities and cultural reception
Date: 2023
Source: Cambridge Archaeological Journal
DOI: 10.1017/S0959774323000264
Abstract: Archaeological materials from the Mediterranean world in Southeast Asia are scarce and their social context and cultural implications are rarely considered, while objects in Mediterranean style are often misinterpreted or overlooked. Concomitant to the increasing implementation of laboratory analysis, the range of new evidence, especially coming from recently excavated sites in Thailand and Myanmar, along with the reinterpretation of earlier data now brings the potential to compare different regions, and to discuss possible variations in terms both of the diversity and density of Roman materials. This study includes Mediterranean imports produced between the last centuries BCE and first centuries CE, as well as Asia-produced inspired objects that integrate Mediterranean elements to varying degrees, combining new data and re-analysed materials. The paper not only contributes to building the sequence of cultural exchanges, but also interprets in cultural terms the varying Mediterranean elements present.
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