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Journal Article 2023 Hoppál, Krisztina Southeast Asia and the Mediterranean world at the turn of the First Millennium CE: networks, commodities and cultural reception Cambridge Archaeological Journal [Hoppál, 2023 #37223]
Journal Article 2021 Hoppál, Krisztina Roman engraved gems from Southeast Asia Dissertationes Archaeologicae [Hoppál, 2021 #37083]
Book Section 1978 Deshpande, M. L. Exploration strategy for diamonds in India Proceedings of the Third Regional Conference on Geology and Mineral Resources of Southeast Asia [Deshpande, 1978 #23032]
Book Section 1990 Delmas, A. B. The Lapis Lazuli sources in the ancient east South Asian Archaeology 1987. Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference of the Association of South Asian Archaeologists in Western Europe, held in the Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice [Delmas, 1990 #23271]
Book 1955 Sinkankas, John Gem cutting: a lapidary's manual [Sinkankas, 1955 #20179]
Journal Article 2000 Sharma, D. V. Harappan jewellery hoard from Mandi Puratattva [Sharma, 2000 #28791]
Book 1977 Schumann, Walter Gemstones of the world [Schumann, 1977 #20184]
Journal Article 1944 Saurin, E. Les gisements indochinoises de pierres précieuses Bulletin indochinois des Mines et d'Industrie [Saurin, 1944 #28865]
Book 1994 Nassau, Kurt Gemstone enhancement: history, science, and state of the art [Nassau, 1994 #20356]