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Journal Article 2023 Lertcharnrit, Thanik Prehistoric Stone Ornaments from Phromtin Tai, Central Thailand: New Perspectives on Workshop Traditions through the Study of Drilling Methods Asian Perspectives [Lertcharnrit, 2023 #37299]
Journal Article 2024 Dussubieux, Laure Glass circulation in late Iron Age Southeast Asia: New Compositional and Isotopic Data of Beads found at Non Ban Jak in Northeast Thailand Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences [Dussubieux, 2024 #37291]
Journal Article 2023 Maloney, Tim Ryan Socieconomic roles of Holocene marine shell beads reveal the daily life of composite objects from East Kalimantan, Borneo [Maloney, 2023 #37233]
Journal Article 2023 Hoppál, Krisztina Southeast Asia and the Mediterranean world at the turn of the First Millennium CE: networks, commodities and cultural reception Cambridge Archaeological Journal [Hoppál, 2023 #37223]
Journal Article 2023 Langley, Michelle C. Sequins from the sea: Nautilus shell bead technology at Makpan, Alor Island, Indonesia Antiquity [Langley, 2023 #37213]
Journal Article 2022 Carter, Alison Northwest Cambodia and the Mekong interaction sphere: glass stone beads from Lovea, Prei Khmeng, and Sophy Journal of the Society of Bead Researchers [Carter, 2022 #37166]
Journal Article 2021 Wang, Kuan-Wen Glass beads from Guishan in Iron Age Taiwan: Inter-regional bead exchange between Taiwan, Southeast Asia and beyond Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports [Wang, 2021 #37095]
Journal Article 2021 Craig, Jennifer Refining the chronology and distribution of mid-fifteenth to mid-seventeenth century Indian Ocean world glass Antiquity [Craig, 2021 #36990]
Journal Article 2020 Munan, Heidi Stone Beads of South and Southeast Asia: Archaeology, Ethnography, and Global Connections ed. by Alok Kumar Kanungo (review) Asian Perspectives [Munan, 2020 #36886]
Journal Article 2019 Glover, Lauren Overlooked Imports: Carnelian Beads in the Korean Peninsula Asian Perspectives: The Journal of Archaeology for Asia and the Pacific [Glover, 2019 #18985]
Book Section in a Series 1990 Donley-Reid, Linda W. The Power of Swahili Porcelain, Beads and Pottery Powers of Observation: Alternative Views in Archeology [Donley-Reid, 1990 #25222]
Journal Article 2019 Glover, Lauren Overlooked imports: carnelian beads in the Korean Peninsula Asian Perspectives [Glover, 2019 #26655]
Book Section 2018 Carter, Alison Kyra Tracing the trade of heirloom beads across Zomia: a preliminary analysis of beads from the upland regions of northeast India and mainland Southeast Asia The Archaeology of Portable Art: Southeast Asian, Pacific, and Australian Perspectives [Carter, 2018 #22223]
Journal Article 2018 Nishimura, Yoko The evolution of curved beads (magatama 勾玉/曲玉) in Jōmon Period Japan and the development of individual ownership Asian Perspectives [Nishimura, 2018 #26719]
Journal Article 2018 Henderson, J. The archaeometry and archaeology of ancient Chinese glass: a review Archaeometry [Henderson, 2018 #26859]
Journal Article 2017 Carter, Alison Glass artifacts at Angkor: evidence for exchange Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences [Carter, 2017 #26894]
Journal Article 1989 Francis, Peter, Jr. The Takua-Pa inscription and the Indo-Pacific beadmakers Margaretologist: the Journal of the Center for Bead Research [Francis, 1989 #26965]
Book Section in a Series 2013 Dussubieux, Laure Glass in South Asia Modern Methods for Analysing Archaeological and Historical Glass [Dussubieux, 2013 #25346]
Book Section in a Series 2016 Carter, Alison K. Determining the provenience of garnet beads using LA-ICP-MS Recent Advances in Laser Ablation ICP-MS for Archaeology [Carter, 2016 #25345]
Book Section in a Series 2011 Saitowitz, S. J. Physical and chemical analysis of glass beads and glassy slag from Iron Age sites in northeast Thailand: preliminary findings Australasian Connections and New Directions: Proceedings of the 7th Australasian Archaeometry Conference [Saitowitz, 2011 #25343]
Journal Article 2014 Carter, Alison Glass beads from jar burials of the 15th-17th centuries in the Cardamom Mountains of Cambodia BEADS: Journal of the Society of Bead Researchers [Carter, 2014 #26967]
Journal Article 2016 Carter, A. K. Glass beads from 15th-17th century CE jar burial sites in Cambodia's Cardamom Mountains Archaeometry [Carter, 2016 #26966]
Journal Article 2017 Dussubieux, Laure Glass ornament production and trade polities in the Upper-Thai Peninsula during the early iron age Archaeological Research in Asia [Dussubieux, 2017 #26978]
Journal Article 2016 Abraham, Shinu Anna Glass beads and glass production in early South India: Contextualizing Indo-Pacific bead manufacture Archaeological Research in Asia [Abraham, 2016 #27026]
Journal Article 2016 Kelly, Gwendolyn O. Heterodoxy, orthodoxy and communities of practice: stone bead and ornament production in early historic South India (c. 400 BCE–400 CE) Archaeological Research in Asia [Kelly, 2016 #27025]
Journal Article 2016 Pion, Constantin Indo-Pacific glass beads from the Indian subcontinent in Early Merovingian graves (5th–6th century AD) Archaeological Research in Asia [Pion, 2016 #27024]
Book Section 2016 Dussubieux, Laure Potash glass: a view from South and Southeast Asia Recent progress of scientific research on ancient glass and glaze [Dussubieux, 2016 #22333]
Journal Article 2016 Dussubieux, Laure The glass beads of Kampai Island, Sumatra Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences [Dussubieux, 2016 #27550]
Journal Article 2015 Moore, Elizabeth Carnelian in Myanmar: prehistoric to early Buddhist beads-an introductory note on archaeological and ethnological observations in Myanmar NURJ [Moore, 2015 #27606]
Journal Article 2016 Carter, Alison Kyra The production and exchange of glass and stone beads in Southeast Asia from 500 BCE to the early second millennium CE: an assessment of the work of Peter Francis in light of recent research Archaeological Research in Asia [Carter, 2016 #27624]