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Ref ID: 36756
Ref Type: Book Section in a Series
Authors: Winch, Lauren
Title: Metabolism, mythology, magic or metaphor? Animals in the rock art of Thailand
Date: 2020
Source: EurASEAA14: papers from the Fourteenth International Conference of the European Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists. Volume 2: material culture and heritage
Place of Publication: Oxford
Publisher: Archaeopress
Abstract: This paper introduces work exploring the specific social and environmental contexts of rock art in Thailand alongside considerations gleaned from rock art research in other parts of the world as a foundation for analysis of data gathered during fieldwork in 2011. This research examines the frequency, distribution, correlation and manner of faunal representations in Thai rock art, and uses this analysis to explore whether considerations of metabolism, mythology, magic and/or metaphor are relevant to the corpus, and by extension help to understand why the rock art of Thailand was produced.
Identifier: ISBN 9781789695946
Editors: Lewis, Helen
Volume: 2
Page Start: 107
Page End: 119
Series Editor: Lewis, Helen