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Ref ID: 36666
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Buckley, Christopher D.
Title: Connecting Tai, Kam and Li peoples through weaving techniques
Date: 2018
Source: Journal of the Siam Society
Abstract: Textiles produced by Tai-Kadai peoples are widely admired and much studied, but to date there has been no comparative survey of weaving techniques. Looms and techniques are transmitted between generations in a conservative manner, and have the potential to reveal deep connections between different groups. In this article I present a survey of loom and patterning techniques, using a mapping approach, combined with comparative analysis similar to that used by linguists. The results trace Tai migration routes, and parallel the findings of linguists in many respects, with some significant differences. They also highlight the important contribution made by Tai-Kadai weavers to the development of the complex patterning systems (drawloom systems) that eventually found their way to the silk weaving industry in Europe.
Volume: 106
Page Start: 73
Page End: 108