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Journal Article 2023 Buckley, Christopher D. The origins of southeast Asian weaving traditions: the perspective from archaeology Asian Archaeology [Buckley, 2023 #37234]
Journal Article 1989 Archambault, Michèle Blockprinted fabrics of Gujarat for export to Siam: an encounter with Mr. Maneklal T. Gajjar Journal of the Siam Society [Archambault, 1989 #36713]
Journal Article 2015 Cheesman, Patricia A new method of classification for Tai textiles Journal of the Siam Society [Cheesman, 2015 #36672]
Journal Article 2018 Buckley, Christopher D. Connecting Tai, Kam and Li peoples through weaving techniques Journal of the Siam Society [Buckley, 2018 #36666]
Book 2015 Boudot, Eric The roots of Asian weaving: the He Haiyan collection of textiles and looms from southwest China [Boudot, 2015 #19809]
Journal Article 1962 Fisk, E. K. The economics of the handloom industry of the east coast of Malaya Journal of the Malayan Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society [Fisk, 1962 #27871]
Book 1992 Conway, Susan Thai textiles [Conway, 1992 #19903]
Book 1989 Barnes, Ruth The Ikat textiles of Lamalera: a study of an Eastern Indonesian weaving tradition Studies in South Asian Culture [Barnes, 1989 #19902]
Book 1996 Connors, Mary F. Lao textiles and traditions Images of Asia [Connors, 1996 #19921]
Book (Edited) 1989 Jasleen Dhamija, Handwoven fabrics of India [Jasleen 1989 #21366]
Book 1982 Gittinger, Mattiebelle Master dyers to the world: technique and trade in early Indian dyed cotton textiles [Gittinger, 1982 #19940]
Journal Article 2015 Nagisa Ito, Why do they weave?: The role of marriage rites in the textile production of Lao-Tai women in Houa Phanh province Journal of Lao Studies [Nagisa 2015 #27938]
Journal Article 2012 Buckley, Christopher D. Investigating cultural evolution using phylogenetic analysis: the origins and descent of the Southeast Asian tradition of wrap ikat weaving PLOS One [Buckley, 2012 #27967]
Journal Article 2007 Gilligan, Ian Clothing and farming origins: the Indo-Pacific evidence Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Gilligan, 2007 #29575]
Book 1994 Barber, Elizabeth Wayland Women's work: the first 20,000 years: women, cloth, and society in early times [Barber, 1994 #20655]
Book 1990 Naenna, Patricia Costume and culture: vanishing textiles of some of the Tai groups of Laos PDR [Naenna, 1990 #20852]