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Book Section 2012 Zeitoun, Valéry The Paleolithic Site of Sao Din, Northern Thailand Crossing Borders: Selected Papers from the 13th International Conference of the European Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists [Zeitoun, 2012 #37346]
Journal Article 2024 Huan, Fa-Xiang Technological diversity in the tropical-subtropical zone of Southwest China during the terminal Pleistocene: excavations at Fodongdi Cave Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences [Huan, 2024 #37304]
Journal Article 2023 Lertcharnrit, Thanik Prehistoric Stone Ornaments from Phromtin Tai, Central Thailand: New Perspectives on Workshop Traditions through the Study of Drilling Methods Asian Perspectives [Lertcharnrit, 2023 #37299]
Journal Article 2023 Langley, Michelle C. Shark-tooth artefacts from middle Holocene Sulawesi Antiquity [Langley, 2023 #37295]
Journal Article 2024 Wu, Yun The Hoabinhian technocomplex in southwest China: Preliminary report on new discoveries in recent decades L'Anthropologie [Wu, 2024 #37293]
Journal Article 2024 Zhou, Yuduan Extraordinary large Hoabinhian tools from Xiaodong rockshelter, southwest China L'Anthropologie [Zhou, 2024 #37292]
Journal Article 2021 Higham, C. F. W. Bronze metallurgy in Southeast Asia with particular reference to Northeast Thailand Journal of World Prehistory [Higham, 2021 #37206]
Journal Article 2021 Sofian, Harry Octavianus Development of technology ferrous metal melting furnace ancient times in Indonesia

Perkembangan teknologi tungku lebur logam besi pada zaman kuno di Indonesia
Kalpataru [Sofian, 2021 #37162]
Journal Article 2010 Sofian, Harry Octavianus Aplikasi Perangkat Lunak (Software) Komputer Untuk Penelitian Arkeologi Bawah Air Siddhayatra [Sofian, 2010 #37155]
Journal Article 2021 Langley, Michelle C. Fishhooks, lures, and sinkers: intensive manufacture of marine technology from the terminal Pleistocene at Makpan Cave, Alor Island, Indonesia Journal of Island and Coastal Archaeology [Langley, 2021 #37135]
Book Section 2022 Bellina, Bérénice Southeast Asian evidence for early Maritime Silk Road exchange and trade-related polities The Oxford Handbook of Early Southeast Asia [Bellina, 2022 #37033]
Book Section in a Series 2020 Lacsina, Ligaya The lashed-lug tradition beyond the commonalities: a closer examination of variations in keel design within Southeast Asia shipbuilding tradition Advancing Southeast Asian archaeology 2019: selected papers from the Third SEAMEO SPAFA International Conference on Southeast Asian Archaeology, Bangkok, Thailand 2019 [Lacsina, 2020 #36959]
Book Section in a Series 2019 White, Joyce C. A regional synthesis of early metal technological systems in prehistoric northeast and central Thailand Ban Chiang, Northeast Thailand, Volume 2C: the metal remains in regional context [White, 2019 #36919]
Journal Article 2018 Buckley, Christopher D. Connecting Tai, Kam and Li peoples through weaving techniques Journal of the Siam Society [Buckley, 2018 #36666]
Journal Article 2019 Liu, Siran Coal-fuelled crucible lead-silver smelting in 12th-13th century China: a technological innovation in the age of deforestation Journal of Archaeological Science [Liu, 2019 #19623]
Journal Article 2020 Hendrickson, Mitch Sparks and needles: Seeking catalysts of state expansions, a case study of technological interaction at Angkor, Cambodia (9th to 13th centuries CE) Journal of Anthropological Anthropology [Hendrickson, 2020 #19019]
Book Section 1997 Bleed, Peter Content as variability, result as selection: toward a behavioral definition of technology Rediscovering Darwin: evolutionary theory and archeological explanation [Bleed, 1997 #22151]
Book Section 1997 Bamforth, Douglas B. Technology, flaked stone technology, and risk Rediscovering Darwin: evolutionary theory and archeological explanation [Bamforth, 1997 #22150]
Journal Article 2018 Bellina, B. The elaboration of political models in maritime Southeast Asia and pan-regional culture: contribution from Khao Sek stone ornament craft system study Archaeological Research in Asia [Bellina, 2018 #26771]
Journal Article 2013 O'Connor, Sue The case for complex fishing technologies: a response to Anderson Antiquity [O'Connor, 2013 #26789]
Journal Article 2018 Zhang, Shuangquan Innovation in bone technology and artefact types in the late Upper Palaeolithic of China: insights from Shuidonggou Locality 12 Journal of Archaeological Science [Zhang, 2018 #26815]
Journal Article 1954 Durand, Maurice Note de technologie viêtnamienne Bulletin de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient [Durand, 1954 #26882]
Thesis 1971 Bayard, Donn Thomas A course toward what? Evolution, development and change at Non Nok Tha, Northeastern Thailand Anthropology [Bayard, 1971 #36275]
Book Section 2015 Vaish, Ashok Kumar Improvements in traditional Indian iron making technology Metals and civilizations [Vaish, 2015 #22398]
Book Section 2015 Linduff, Katheryn M. What's mine is yours: the transmission of metallurgical technology in Eastern Eurasia and East Asia Metals and civilizations [Linduff, 2015 #22408]
Journal Article 2016 Shuangquan Zhang, Ma'anshan cave and the origin of bone tool technology in China Journal of Archaeological Science [Shuangquan 2016 #27735]
Journal Article 2012 Rabett, Ryan J. The emergence of bone technologies at the end of the Pleistocene in Southeast Asia: regional and evolutionary implications Cambridge Archaeological Journal [Rabett, 2012 #27821]
Book in a Series 1990 Gianno, Rosemary Semelai culture and resin technology [Gianno, 1990 #21662]
Book 1990 Cotterell, Brian Mechanics of pre-industrial technology: an introduction to the mechanics of ancient and traditional material culture [Cotterell, 1990 #19991]
Journal Article 2015 Oxenham, Marc F. Emergence and diversification of the neolithic in southern Vietnam: insights from coastal Rach Nui Journal of Island and Coastal Archaeology [Oxenham, 2015 #28000]