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Ref ID: 35644
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Edo, Juli
Title: Stories of migration from native resources: the Semai oral tradition
Date: 2000
Source: Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association
Notes: Indo-Pacific Prehistory: The Melaka Papers, Vol. 3
Abstract: This paper will discuss stories from the Semai oral tradition about migration and the first people of Malaysia. The Semai regard their oral tradition (chermor) as true stories of happenings in the past. Since the Semai were preliterate, stories were inherited verbally and were therefore subjected to outside influences, especially from the great traditions. The Semai borrowed elements from the great tradition. These borrowings and incorporations do not, however, erode the essence of the original Semai stories. As a Semai man, the late Mara' Semae of Kampung Perah, once said, "Kado kan sesetengah i muh ajih eh, muh Gop, tapi'i chermor ajih chermor hiq!" (meaning: Although some names are borrowed from the Malays, the stories are ours!). By presenting these stories, my paper attempts to offer some data, in case they are needed, to stimulate theoretical discussion about the migration of the first people to what is now called Peninsular Malaysia.
Date Created: 3/26/2001
Volume: 19
Page Start: 42
Page End: 46