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Book Section 2011 Dentan, Robert Childhood, familiarity, and social life among East Semai Anarchic solidarity: autonomy, equality, and fellowship in Southeast Asia [Dentan, 2011 #22556]
Book Section 1988 Gomes, Alberto G. The Semai: the making of an ethnic group in Malaysia Ethnic diversity and the control of natural resources in Southeast Asia [Gomes, 1988 #22574]
Book Section 2001 Dentan, Robert Knox Semai-Malay ethnobotany: Hindu influences on the trade in sacred plants, ho hiang Minority cultures of peninsular Malaysia: survivals of indigenous heritage [Dentan, 2001 #23963]
Thesis-PhD 1966 Dentan, Robert K. Some Senoi Semai dietary restrictions: a study of food behavior in a Malayan hill tribe [Dentan, 1966 #36532]
Journal Article 2000 Dentan, Robert Knox This is passion and where it goes: despair and suicide among Semai, a non-violent people of West-Malaysia Moussons [Dentan, 2000 #31424]
Journal Article 1920 Evans, Ivor H. N. Further notes on the aboriginal tribes of Pahang Journal of the Federated Malay States Museums [Evans, 1920 #31592]
Journal Article 2002 Dentan, R. K. Hawks, doves, and birds in the bush: a response to Keith Otterbein, Neil Whitehead, and Leslie Sponsel American Anthropologist [Dentan, 2002 #33645]
Book 1952 Williams-Hunt, P. D. R. An introduction to the Malayan aboriginals [Williams-Hunt, 1952 #21054]
Journal Article 1979 Huguet, Jerrold W. Review of "The demography of the Semai Senoi" by Alan G. Fix Journal of the Siam Society [Huguet, 1979 #34264]
Book in a Series 1977 Fix, Alan G. The demography of the Semai Senoi [Fix, 1977 #21936]
Journal Article 2000 Edo, Juli Stories of migration from native resources: the Semai oral tradition Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Edo, 2000 #35644]
Journal Article 1971 Dentan, R. K. Some Senoi Semai planting techniques Economic Botany [Dentan, 1971 #35912]
Book 1968 Dentan, R. K. The Semai, a nonviolent people of Malaya [Dentan, 1968 #21313]