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Journal Article 2000 Maloney, B.K. Borassodendron (palmae) in Southeast Asian fossil pollen record BLUMEA [Maloney, 2000 #37280]
Journal Article 2000 Hearn, Ray Thai ceramics, Lan Na and Sawankalok: an interview with John Shaw Journal of the Siam Society [Hearn, 2000 #36684]
Journal Article 2000 Dowling, Nancy New light on early Cambodian Buddhism Journal of the Siam Society [Dowling, 2000 #36683]
Journal Article 2000 Chutiwongs, Nandana Phū Phra Bāt: a remarkable archaeological site in northeastern Thailand Journal of the Siam Society [Chutiwongs, 2000 #36682]
Journal Article 2000 Randolph, Karen Excavations of kilns near the old city of Sisatchanalai, Thailand: prompt redevelopment of pottery production Journal of the Siam Society [Randolph, 2000 #36681]
Book 2000 Kelly, Raymond C. Warless Societies and the Origin of War [Kelly, 2000 #18943]
Book 2000 Osborne, Milton The Mekong: Turbulent Past, Uncertain Future [Osborne, 2000 #19719]
Book 2000 Jumsai, M. L. Manich History of Laos [Jumsai, 2000 #19724]
Book 2000 De Marini, G. F. A new and interesting description of the Lao Kingdom: 1642-1648 [De 2000 #19791]
Journal Article 2000 Sémah, F. Did early man reach Java during the late Pliocene? Journal of Archaeological Science [Sémah, 2000 #27687]
Conference Paper 2000 Nguyen Viet, Homeland of the Hoabinhan in Vietnam Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists [Nguyen 2000 #26403]
Journal Article 2000 Demeter, Fabrice Présence probable de formes de type Wadjak dans la baie fossile de Quyhn Luu au Nord Viêt-nam sur le site de Cau Giat Comptes Rendus de l'Académie des Sciences-Series IIA-Earth and Planetary Science [Demeter, 2000 #27742]
Report 2000 Niyomka, C. Report on the Analysis of Archaeological Finds from Ban Bung Noi, Amphoe Ban Khurat, Buriram Province [Niyomka, 2000 #36158]
Book Section 2000 Pham Duc Manh Some recent discoveries about the pre- and protohistory of the southeastern part of Vietnam Southeast Asian Archaeology 1998 [Pham 2000 #22470]
Book 2000 Baumer, Christoph Southern Silk Road: in the footsteps of Sir Aurel Stein and Sven Dedin [Baumer, 2000 #19928]
Journal Article 2000 Haidle, Miriam Noël Ein Anfang vom Ende des Forschungkolonialismus? Ein Entwicklungshilfeprojekt zum Aufbau einer eigenständigen Feldarchäologie in Kambodscha. Archäologische Informationen [Haidle, 2000 #27970]
Book 2000 Falvey, Lindsay Thai agriculture: golden cradle of millennia [Falvey, 2000 #20002]
Journal Article 2000 Reinecke, Andreas Ein neu endecktes Gräberfeld der Sa-Huỳnh-Kultur von Gò Mùn in Mittelvietnam (A newly discovered burial site of the Sa Huỳn culture at Gò Mùn in central Vietnam) Beiträge zur Allgemeinen und Vergleichenden Archäologie [Reinecke, 2000 #28110]
Book 2000 Frape, Christopher J. Burnished beauty: the art of stone in early Southeast Asia [Frape, 2000 #20012]
Thesis 2000 Lape, Peter Vanderford Contact and conflict in the Banda Islands, eastern Indonesia 11th-17th centuries Department of Anthropology [Lape, 2000 #36319]
Journal Article 2000 Katsuhiko, Oga, Gupta Sunil The Far East, Southeast and South Asia: Indo-Pacific beads from Yayoi tombs as indicators of early maritime exchange South Asian Studies [Katsuhiko, 2000 #28206]
Journal Article 2000 Jiayao, An Glass beads found at the Yongningsi temple Journal of Glass Studies [Jiayao, 2000 #28209]
Book Section 2000 Nenna, Marie-Dominique Ateliers primaires et secondaires en Égypte à l'époque Gréco-Romaine La route du verre- Ateliers primaires et secondaires du secondaires du second millénaire av. J.-C. au Moyen Âge [Nenna, 2000 #22747]
Journal Article 2000 Southworth, William A. Archaeology in Cambodia: an appraisal for future research Siksācakr [Southworth, 2000 #28298]
Journal Article 2000 Miura, Keiko Social anthropological research on 'The People of Angkor: Living with a World Heritage Site' Siksācakr [Miura, 2000 #28297]
Journal Article 2000 Cort, Louise Allison Khmer earthenware in mainland Southeast Asia: an approach through production Udaya: Journal of Khmer Studies [Cort, 2000 #28316]
Journal Article 2000 Lefferts, Leedom An approach to the study of contemporary earthenware technology in mainland Southeast Asia Journal of the Siam Society [Lefferts, 2000 #28315]
Journal Article 2000 Zhang, Z. Yunnan Midu Hejiashan chutu gudai shi, tao fan he qingtong qi (Ancient bronze artifacts and stone/ceramic moulds excavated at Hejiashan in Midu, Yunnan) Wenwu [Zhang, 2000 #28345]
Journal Article 2000 Wang, Xiaofeng The Jinshajiang–Ailaoshan Suture Zone, China: tectonostratigraphy, age and evolution Journal of Asian Earth Sciences [Wang, 2000 #28387]
Journal Article 2000 Singharajwarapan, S. Tectonic implications of the Nan Suture Zone and its relationship to the Sukhothai Fold Belt, Northern Thailand Journal of Asian Earth Sciences [Singharajwarapan, 2000 #28394]