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Ref ID: 28394
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Singharajwarapan, S.
Berry, R.
Title: Tectonic implications of the Nan Suture Zone and its relationship to the Sukhothai Fold Belt, Northern Thailand
Date: 2000
Source: Journal of Asian Earth Sciences
DOI: 10.1016/S1367-9120(00)00017-1
Abstract: The Nan Suture and the Sukhothai Fold Belt reflect the processes associated with the collision between the Shan-Thai and Indochina Terranes in southeast Asia. The Shan-Thai Terrane rifted from Gondwana in the Early Permian. As it drifted north a subduction complex developed along its northern margin. The Nan serpentinitic melange is a thrust slice within the Pha Som Metamorphic Complex and in total this unit is a Late Permian accretionary complex containing offscraped blocks from subducted oceanic crust of Carboniferous and Permian age. The deformational style within the Pha Som Metamorphic Complex supports a west-dipping subduction zone. The Late Permian to Late Triassic fore-arc basin sediments are preserved in the Sukhothai Fold Belt and include a near continuous sedimentary record, at least locally. The whole sequence was folded and complexly thrust in the Late Triassic as a result of the collision. Late syn- to post-kinematic granites place an upper limit of 200 Ma on the time of collision. Post-orogenic sediments prograded across the suture in the Jurassic.
Date Created: 2/21/2012
Volume: 18
Number: 6
Page Start: 663
Page End: 673