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Journal Article 1977 Premchit, Sommai A translation of  Tamnān Mūlasāsanā Wat Pā Daeng:   the chronicle of the founding of Buddhism of the Wat Pā Daeng tradition Journal of the Siam Society [Premchit, 1977 #36807]
Journal Article 1977 Miksic, John N. Ceramics from Muang Phan, Chiang Rai Province Journal of the Siam Society [Miksic, 1977 #36805]
Journal Article 1981 Dessaint, William Y. The T'in (Mal), dry rice cultivators of northern Thailand and northern Laos Journal of the Siam Society [Dessaint, 1981 #36796]
Journal Article 1983 Hinüber, Oskar von Pāli manuscripts of canonical texts from north Thailand - a preliminary report Journal of the Siam Society [Hinüber, 1983 #36779]
Journal Article 1991 Di Crocco, Virginia M. Ceramic wares of the Haripunjaya area Journal of the Siam Society [Di 1991 #36705]
Journal Article 1991 Bauer, Christian Notes on Mon epigraphy Journal of the Siam Society [Bauer, 1991 #36703]
Journal Article 1991 Bauer, Christian Notes on Mon epigraphy II Journal of the Siam Society [Bauer, 1991 #36702]
Journal Article 2003 Penth, Hans On rice and rice fields in old Lān Nā: text, translations, interpretations Journal of the Siam Society [Penth, 2003 #36680]
Journal Article 2019 Zeitoun, Valéry Discovery of an outstanding Hoabinhian site from the Late Pleistocene at Doi Pha Kan (Lampang province, northern Thailand) Archaeological Research in Asia [Zeitoun, 2019 #26667]
Book Section 2018 Surinlert, Jaratnapa Comparison of rock painting sites in the Pratu Pha Valley, Lampang Province, Thailand Advancing Southeast Asian archaeology 2016 [Surinlert, 2018 #22239]
Book Section 2018 Celiberti, Vincenzo Doi Pha Kan, Lampang province, north of Thailand: a new lithic assemblage in the Hoabinhian chrono-cultural context Advancing Southeast Asian archaeology 2016 [Celiberti, 2018 #22254]
Thesis-MA 2017 Moonkham, Piyawit Mythscape: an ethnohistorical archaeology of space and narrative of the naga in northern Thailand [Moonkham, 2017 #36272]
Electronic Source 2015 Conrad, Cyler Archaeological databases for Spirit Cave, Mae Hong Son Province, Thailand [Conrad, 2015 #26586]
Book 2003 Pautreau, J.-P. Ban Wang Wai, excavations of an iron-age cemetery in northern Thailand [Pautreau, 2003 #19786]
Journal Article Conrad, Cyler Ethnographic analogy and the archaeological record of northern Thailand: insights from Mlabri hunter-gatherers and the Tham Lod rockshelter archaeofauna(ชาติพันธุวรรณา Rian Thai: International Journal of Thai Studies [Conrad, #27715]
Journal Article 2015 King, Charlotte L. Using isotopic evidence to assess the impact of migration and the two-layer hypothesis in prehistoric northeast Thailand American Journal of Physical Anthropology [King, 2015 #27880]
Journal Article 1974 Davis, Richard Tolerance and intolerance of ambiguity in northern Thai myth and ritual Ethnology [Davis, 1974 #27877]
Journal Article 1979 Durrenberger, E. Paul Misfortune and therapy among the Lisu of northern Thailand Anthropological Quarterly [Durrenberger, 1979 #27874]
Journal Article 1984 Walker, Anthony R. Shi-Nyi-Lon: great merit days among the Lahu Nyi (Red Lahu) of north Thailand Asian Folklore Studies [Walker, 1984 #27891]
Book 1975 Walker, Anthony R. Farmers in the hills: ethnographic notes on the upland peoples of north Thailand Data Papers in Social Anthropology [Walker, 1975 #19852]
Journal Article 1983 Cohen, Paul T. A Bodhisattva on horseback: Buddhist ethics and pragmatism in northern Thailand Mankind [Cohen, 1983 #27912]
Book Section 1987 Kunstadter, Peter Swiddeners in transition: Lua' farmers in northern Thailand Comparative farming systems [Kunstadter, 1987 #22538]
Book 1989 Boyes, Jon A life apart: viewed from the hills [Boyes, 1989 #19901]
Book 1998 Swearer, Donald K. The legend of Queen Cāma: Bodhiraṃsi's Cāmadevīvaṃsa, a translation and commentary SUNY Series in Buddhist Studies [Swearer, 1998 #19913]
Book 2001 Hanks, Jane R. Tribes of the north Thailand frontier Yale University Southeast Asia Studies, Monograph Series [Hanks, 2001 #19912]
Book 1985 Hubert-Barre, Annie L'Alimentatin dans un village Yao de Thaïlande du Nord [Hubert-Barre, 1985 #19976]
Book 1977 Falvey, Lindsay Ruminants in the highlands of northern Thailand : an agrosociological study [Falvey, 1977 #20021]
Book 2014 Keyes, Charles F. Finding their voice: northeastern villagers and the Thai state [Keyes, 2014 #20024]
Journal Article 2012 Tadayoshi Murakami Buddhism on the border: Shan Buddhism and transborder migration in northern Thailand Southeast Asian Studies [Tadayoshi 2012 #28288]
Book Section 2012 Lefferts, Leedom Tai potters across borders: tracking ceramic technology in southern Yunnan and northern Thailand Connecting empires and states: selected papers from the 13th International Conference of the European Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists [Lefferts, 2012 #22809]