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Ref ID: 34947
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Li, Y. M.
Tsai, T. H.
Shaw, C. K.
Chan, K. W.
Title: [Health behavior in Hualien city high school students]
Date: 1995
Source: Journal of Formosan Medical Association
Abstract: Chronic diseases and motor vehicle-related injuries are currently the major causes of death in Taiwan. Sming, alcohol use and inappropriate driving behavior are important risk factors. Most health behavior develop during adolescence. Sming and alcohol use always serve as "gateways" for other adverse health behavior. In this study, 1195 high school students from 27 classes were selected by a random systematic cluster sampling method, and a structured self-administered questionnaire was used to investigate their prevalent health behavior. The prevalence of current sming was 9.9%, alcohol 18.7% and betel-nut chewing 5.4% among the academic high school students, whereas the prevalence among vocational school students was sming 20.5%, alcohol 26.6% and betel-nut chewing 13.9%. Seventeen percent of vocational students reported that they often rode motorcycles after alcohol consumption. An aggregation of adverse health behavior, such as sming, alcohol consumption and chewing betel-nuts was commonly observed. Designing comprehensive intervention programs to prevent and modify high school students adverse health behavior is an important task for school health-officials.
Date Created: 6/28/2001
Volume: 94
Page Start: S81
Page End: 86