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Journal Article 2009 Eusebio, Michelle S. Puwede bang gawing pinta ang pinangnganga? (Can the betel nut chew be used as a paint?) Test Pit: Chronicle of the UP Archaeological Studies Program [Eusebio, 2009 #28176]
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Journal Article 2003 Strickland, S. S. Areca nut, energy metabolism and hunger in Asian men Annals of Human Biology [Strickland, 2003 #32536]
Journal Article 1976 Ranadive, K. J. Experimental studies on betel nut and tobacco carcinogenicity International Journal of Cancer [Ranadive, 1976 #35144]
Journal Article 1979 Ranadive, K. J. Betel quid chewing and oral cancer: experimental studies on hamsters International Journal of Cancer [Ranadive, 1979 #35143]
Journal Article 1984 Rao, A. R. Modifying influences of betel quid ingredients on B(a)P-induced carcinogenesis in the buccal pouch of hamster International Journal of Cancer [Rao, 1984 #35142]
Journal Article 1989 Rao, A. R. Evaluation of the carcinogenicity of different preparations of areca nut in mice International Journal of Cancer [Rao, 1989 #35141]
Journal Article 1988 Rajendran, R. A rare human model for oncogenesis Singapore Dental Journal [Rajendran, 1988 #35140]
Journal Article 1991 Raisuddin, S. Aflatoxin in betel nut and its control by use of food preservatives Food Additives and Contaminants [Raisuddin, 1991 #35139]
Journal Article 1981 Rao, M. B. Incidence of tempero-mandibular joint pain dysfunction syndrome in rural population International Journal of Oral Surgery [Rao, 1981 #35138]
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Journal Article 1958 Raghavan, V. Areca nut. India's popular masticatory - history, chemistry and utilization Economic Botany [Raghavan, 1958 #35136]
Journal Article 1969 Schonland, M. Upper alimentary tract cancer in natal Indians with special reference to the betel-chewing habit British Journal of Cancer [Schonland, 1969 #35135]
Journal Article 1988 Seedat, H. A. Submucous fibrosis in non-betel nut chewing subjects British Medical Journal (Clinical Research Education) [Seedat, 1988 #35134]
Journal Article 1988 Seedat, H. A. The oral features of betel nut chewers without submucous fibrosis Journal of Biological Buccale [Seedat, 1988 #35133]
Journal Article 1988 Seedat, H. A. Submucous fibrosis (SF) in ex-betel nut chewers: a report of 14 cases Journal of Oral Pathology [Seedat, 1988 #35132]
Journal Article 1988 Seedat, H. A. Betel chewing and dietary habits of chewers without and with submucous South African Medical Journal [Seedat, 1988 #35131]
Journal Article 1987 Scutt, A. Stabilisation of collagen by betel nut polyphenols as a mechanism in oral submucous fibrosis Experientia [Scutt, 1987 #35130]
Journal Article 1983 Scrimgeour, E. M. Trends in tobacco consumption and incidences of associated neoplasms in Papua New Guinea British Medical Journal (Clinical Research Education) [Scrimgeour, 1983 #35129]
Journal Article 1982 Scrimgeour, E. M. Delayed recovery of vision after blindness caused by methanol poisoning Medical Journal of Australia [Scrimgeour, 1982 #35128]
Journal Article 1977 Reed, D. Current status of cancer studies in the South Pacific National Cancer Institute Monographs [Reed, 1977 #35127]
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Journal Article 1984 Rosin, M. P. The influence of pH on the convertogenic activity of plant phenolics Mutation Research [Rosin, 1984 #35123]
Journal Article 1985 Reichart, P. A. The black layer on the teeth of betel chewers: a light microscopic microradiographic and electronmicroscopic study Journal of Oral Pathology [Reichart, 1985 #35122]
Journal Article 1985 Reichart, P. A. Streptococcus mutans and caries prevalence in rural Thai Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology [Reichart, 1985 #35121]
Journal Article 1984 Reichart, P. A. Toothpastes containing betel nut (Areca catechu L.) from England of the nineteenth century Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences [Reichart, 1984 #35120]